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Being Seen as an Expert Won’t Win You Clients. Here’s Why.

Posted on 17th December 2016. Big Thoughts

There's been a big trend in the last few years that says that the way to win clients as a professional service provider is to become seen as a leading expert in your field.

As a result, more and more professional services marketing has become focused on creating mounds of content which showcases and proves the expertise of the service provider.

It makes sense, in theory. When clients want help for complex, tricky problems, they call the best expert they can find.

Or do they?

Let's give this idea a little reality check.

Think about the last few times you pitched for a piece of work with a client and didn't win. How often was it because you weren't seen as being enough of an expert by that client? Or because the winner was seen as a bigger expert?

My experience: very few times indeed.

The reasons you win or lose work are rarely because they don't see you as an expert.
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Content Marketing: What Should I Write About?

Posted on 12th July 2016. Content Marketing: What Should I Write About?

One big, important question when it comes to content marketing is “what should I write about?” (or make videos about, do podcasts about, etc).

You want to create content that's valuable to your potential clients, and is valuable to you by bringing them closer to becoming a client.

In this video I reveal four criteria I use when thinking about what to focus my content on. You can use the same criteria yourself to ensure the effectiveness of your content.

Watch this week's video to see the criteria:

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The Truth About Content Marketing

Posted on 10th July 2016. The Truth About Content Marketing

It's difficult to move these days without hearing that “content marketing” is the future of marketing. If not the present or even the past.

It's somewhat trickier to pin down exactly what content marketing actually is.

The problem with most definitions of content marketing is that they confuse and blur rather than clarify. They talk about how content marketing is all about “creating and distributing valuable and relevant information” as if somehow in the past all you needed to do was send useless irrelevant information to customers and they'd bite your hands off to buy your products.

Creating valuable, interesting material that your customers and potential customers want to receive is good marketing. It's not specific to content marketing.

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No One Needs Your Crappy Content

Posted on 20th June 2016. No One Needs Your Crappy Content

These days I get increasingly frustrated at the growing wave of advice for professionals saying you need to become seen as an expert in your field.

Of course, I'm part of that wave too.

It's not that there's anything wrong with becoming seen as an expert. That's a good thing (though it's far from the only way to succeed, and it's not suited to everyone).

What gets me worked up is that all the advice on how to do it seems to be missing the point about what it really takes to become seen as an expert.

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How Value Trumps Relationships (When it comes to Winning New Clients)

Posted on 22nd February 2016. Value Trumps Relatonsips

We all know that relationships are vital when clients come to choose a supplier to work with. That's why it makes sense to make building relationships a core part of your marketing.

But if you're trying to win a new client who already has an existing supplier they may have been working with for years, then unless that supplier messes up or is basically “asleep at the wheel”, you'll find it incredibly difficult to “out-relationship” them.

Instead, you're better off focusing on trying to “out-value” them. I explain why and how in this 5 minute marketing tip video…
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How To Create 100 Ideas For Blog Posts, Emails and Other Content

Posted on 12th January 2016. 100 Ideas for Blog Posts and Emails

Hi – welcome to another 5 Minute Marketing Tip Video.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who often finds myself staring at a blank computer screen wondering what on earth I'm going to write in a blog post or email.

If that sometimes (or often) happens to you, here's a way to quickly come up with 100 great ideas for articles or other forms of content. It's worked brilliantly well for me.

Find out more in the video.
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How To Create Great Content – Efficiently

Posted on 1st September 2015.

Last week's video on Breadcrumb Content was very popular, but prompted a number of questions on the topic of how to produce all that great content efficiently so you don't spend half your life in front of a computer.

In this week's 5 minute marketing tip video I share my 3 big process tips for creating content productively.
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Great Content is Not Enough. You Need “Breadcrumb Content”

Posted on 25th August 2015.

I was speaking to one of my Momentum Club members on the phone last week, and one of the topics we focused on was how to move potential clients from that initial point of not really knowing you, to where they're ready to buy from you.

Great content has a big role to play in how you do that online, but it's not enough. In particular, your content has to not just build your credibility and deliver value, it has to bring your potential clients closer to the specific mindset they need to be ready to buy.

In this week's 5 minute marketing tip video I show you exactly how to do this with your content marketing.
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Don’t Be Suckered Into This Fake Marketing War!

Posted on 14th December 2013.

fake-warToday's post is from Damien Seaman, a copywriter at Drayton Bird Associates.

In this article Damien attempts to play “peacemaker” between the two warring factions of direct marketing and content marketing. Good luck Damien!

There’s a war raging in the marketing world right now. If you’re not careful, you could lose money because of it.


Because this is a false war based on the shakiest of premises:

That you have to choose between direct marketing and content marketing – otherwise known as outbound and inbound marketing.

You could end up losing money because you’re likely to favour one of these approaches.

And it’s very easy to be suckered into the idea that if you choose one, you can’t also do the other.

But the two concepts are not mutually exclusive at all.

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How to REALLY Stand Out With Content Marketing

Posted on 19th September 2013.

In this episode of the More Clients Podcast Michael McLaughlin reveals why most content marketing falls flat and how to get your content to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Have you ever been told you ought to write a regular blog, produce articles, do presentations, share your content widely? It seems to be the accepted wisdom these days that regularly churning out content is the way to attract clients and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Except: it doesn't work.

At least not if you do it the way most people do.

You've probably noticed this. Most blog posts and articles are mediocre. “7 Leadership Tips”, stunning insights like “Work Smarter Not Harder”, stuff you already know or don't need to know.

Maybe you could get away with stuff like this 5 or so years ago. When markets were local and you might be the only game in town. These days it's just far too easy for people to find decent material anywhere in the world.

Writing mediocre article after mediocre article doesn't position you as an expert. It positions you as an also-ran.

But if you can say something different. Something insightful. Something that catches people's attention. Then things begin to change.

In this episode of the More Clients Podcast I talk to Michael McLaughlin, author of Guerilla Marketing for Consultants and Winning the Professional Services Sale about how to make your content stand out.

Thanks to Michael's insights and ideas, I think it's probably the best, most valuable podcast I've done.

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