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Discover How to Build a Steady Flow of Leads and Clients in Just 30 Minutes a Day

The 30 Minute Marketing Plan Checklist will show you exactly what you need to do to build your steady flow of leads and clients with just 30 minutes of marketing each day.

I Help Consultants & Coaches Get More Clients

(Even if they hate selling, and don't have much time to spend on marketing)

I work with consultants, coaches and other professionals to help them win more high paying clients and make a real impact in the world. I show them how to implement simple-but-effective marketing systems that bring them a steady flow of leads and clients without needing to become super-slick salespeople or spend all their time on marketing.

Clients work with me to accelerate their results in 3 key areas:

Getting Focused

Focus means finding your ideal clients, building a clear Value Proposition that will motivate them to hire you, and creating a Distinctive Point of View that will make you stand out from your competitors. 

Building Powerful Marketing Systems

There are really only three core "marketing funnels" you need to put in place to attract, win and keep winning work from your ideal clients. I show you the exact steps to put in place to get these systems running on autopilot to free you up to do what you do best.

Leveraging Your Time and Expertise

As a busy professional responsible for working with clients as well as winning them, you need to be able to get the most out of every minute you put in to your marketing. I show you how to leverage your time and expertise to get big results without spending every waking hour on marketing.  

 Steve Nicholls

Managing Director, Executive Connexions


Ian lives and breathes the concept of giving value in advance and soon after adopting his suggested strategies I had the most successful month of income I had ever had!

Work With Me...

If you're like most of my clients and readers, you're probably brilliant at what you do, but aren't yet getting the high paying clients and interesting work you thrive on. My training and mentoring programs can help you set up the simple marketing systems you need to bring in those clients and let you focus on what you do best.

Build a Steady Flow of Leads and Clients in Just 30 Minutes a Day

My free checklist and email training to show you how to build a steady flow of leads and clients without spending all your time on marketing or become a super slick salesman.

Momentum Club

Momentum Club is my online training program where I share the most effective methods for winning clients via detailed training videos, live webinars and marketing critiques.

The Authority Breakthrough Program

Authority Breakthrough Program

The Authority Breakthrough Program is my flagship training and mentoring program where I work with you directly to help you become seen as an Authority in your field. 

Hi, I'm Ian :)

I help consultants, coaches and other professionals to attract and win more clients - even if they're not naturals at marketing and sales and don't want to spend all their time marketing. 

I’ve been helping some of the world’s leading organisations with their marketing and sales challenges for over 20 years. More importantly, I’ve “walked the talk” and sold multi-million dollar consulting engagements across multiple countries and cultures.

But in truth, I'm far from a natural salesperson. It was a long, hard path for me to learn to become effective at marketing and sales. And now I teach others the very best methods for winning clients without making all the mistakes I did!


Ian is probably the world's leading authority on how to break free from being a 'best kept secret' by discovering and communicating your unique value-add

Geoff Marlow

Executive Coach

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