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Momentum Club

Momentum Club is my flagship program where I share the most effective methods for winning clients via detailed training videos, live webinars and marketing critiques.

It contains all my step-by-step guides on how to generate leads, nurture relationships, and convert potential clients into paying clients.​ And you get personal support from me to help ensure your success.

Selling To Corporates

Selling To Corporates is a complete guide for small firms and solo professionals on how to win high value corporate clients.

It takes you through each stage of the process from planning, targeting, lead generation and relationship building through to sales meetings, proposals and winning clients.

New: Build Your Own Website

Your website is the “central hub” of your marketing. It’s the first place people come to find out more about you, and it plays a core role in generating leads through content marketing.

In the Build Your Own Client-Winning Website Course I show you the most effective designs for a professional website today and how to implement those designs on your own site using WordPress.


I help consultants, coaches and other professionals to attract and win more clients - even if they're not naturals at marketing and sales and don't want to spend all their time marketing. 

I’ve been helping some of the world’s leading organisations with their marketing and sales challenges for over 20 years. More importantly, I’ve “walked the talk” and sold multi-million dollar consulting engagements across multiple countries and cultures.

But in truth, I'm far from a natural salesperson. It was a long, hard path for me to learn to become effective at marketing and sales. And now I teach others the very best methods for winning clients without making all the mistakes I did!

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