About Ian

So I should probably say right from the start that I really dislike long, self-promotional "about me" pages that waffle on about how great the person is or how they started from nothing to become a zillionaire and if you just pay them a bunch of money you can do the same.

But it might help a bit to tell you a bit more about me and what you can expect from me on this site.

Firstly, the important stuff. The kind of stuff that friends know:

I'm 57 years old. I live in Cheshire in the North of England. I'm married to the wonderful Kathy, and we have two fantastic children – Chris & Robs.

I also suffer from being a supporter of Newcastle United (update: not so much suffering this season!)

I've been a consultant since 1994. Before that, I had a proper job doing some techie R&D type stuff. But pretty much from the moment I started consulting and working with clients to help them improve their businesses, I knew this was what I wanted to do.

As I progressed in consulting I had to learn how to market and sell. Something which I was far from a natural at and really struggled with early on.

But thanks to some great mentors, some hard work, and a lot of trial and error I learnt what it takes for someone who isn't an extrovert and who doesn't feel comfortable “selling” to be successful at winning clients.

And in particular, I've focused more and more on
Email Marketing.

Over the years I've found that the very best way for someone who's an expert at what they do to win clients is to
send valuable, interesting emails week in, week out that cement your credibility and build a personal relationship with your subscribers while helping them succeed.

It's simple.

You don't need to master fancy technologies, become a super slick salesperson or spend all your time posting on social media.

You can spend most of your time running your business, working with clients, or - god forbid - having a life.

I wrote "the book" about email marketing and newsletters a few years ago: Email Persuasion.

It quickly became a best-seller in multiple countries and has over 200 five star reviews worldwide.

More importantly it's helped countless professionals and business owners to succeed with email.

Nowadays I teach simple strategies for email and newsletters via my Unsnooze Your Inbox newsletter.

You'll learn simple techniques that anyone can implement to come up with great ideas, write engaging fun emails your readers will find hugely valuable and then turn those engaged subscribers into paying clients.

If you sign up you'll also get my "Double Espresso" Welcome Email Template which you can use to "wow" your new subscribers with your very first email to instantly build your credibility and make sure they tune in to your next emails.

The official Stuff

I need to put some official admin stuff somewhere too, so I thought here was as good as anywhere :)

Here's my official business name and details:

Learningcloud Limited
29 Dean Road
United Kingdom

Tel: 01625 326 989

Learningcloud Limited: Registered No: 06372487.

VAT Registration No: 922 3892 18

And that's a wrap!

Ian Brodie