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Sales Growth Tips from Jon Vander Ark

Posted on 17th July 2012.

Co-lead of McKinsey's Sales Growth practice and co-author of the book Sales Growth, Jon Vander Ark reveals what industry leaders are doing to transform their sales practices.

The recently published book from McKinsey and Company, Sales Growth is based on their extensive research with successful sales leaders on what's working today to drive sales growth.

In this podcast interview, co-author of the book Jon Vander Ark shares his perspective on the main lessons from the book – and what businesses can do to put those lessons into practice.

We cover tips on “digging for gold” in your client base, integrating online strategies, and make more impact with face to face selling.

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Jon is a partner with McKinsey and Company and co-leads their Sales growth Practice.

You can grab a copy of Sales Growth from by clicking here: Sales Growth Book and find out more about the book and McKinsey's work in this area at: Sales Growth at McKinsey


More Clients Podcast

Charlie Green on Building Trust in Marketing and Business Development

Posted on 8th February 2012.

Author and expert on Trust in Business, Charlie Green, reveals the best ways for professionals to build trust to turn potential clients into paying clients.

Charles H Green needs no introduction (but I'll give him one anyway).

As author of Trust Based Selling, and co-author of the absolute classic, The Trusted Advisor and the recently published follow-up The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook, Charlie's built a name as THE expert when it comes to trust in business relationships.

I caught up with him on skype recently to ask him about how professionals can build trust in their relationships. In particular, in their marketing and business development when they're “courting” a potential client.

Listen in, and you'll hear some of the most powerful, yet simple advice you'll ever hear on building strong trust-based relationships.

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If you're new to Charlie's work – or just want a reminder of all his great material, head over to his website:

The Trusted Advisor

And take a look at the recently released Trusted Advisor Fieldbook. It's got a teensy weensy contribution from me (but don't let that put you off – it's an excellent book!)

And click here for my step by step approach to becoming a trusted advisor.