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How To Find Your Niche: Lead Generation Q&A Day 1

So here we are: Day 1 of our Lead Generation Q&A sessions.

In this video I cover one of the trickiest challenges for many businesses – how to find the right niche or specialism to fuel your growth.

You'll see me disagreeing with what almost everyone says about niches – and giving some practical tips to help you find the right one for you.

If you have any questions yourself on generating leads for your business, you can ask them here >> Ask Your Questions
…and I'll do my very best to answer them. Every day I'll post a new video answering the top questions asked.

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  1. Great start for Day 1, really solid information. Looking forward to days 2 – 5.

  2. Hi Ian, loved the video but im still struggling on whether I should have a website focused on a very narrow niche or a broader website so I can talk about a broader range of subjects…

    I’m currently looking to set up a blog on something I’m absolutely passionate about but is highly saturated – Internet marketing (as you probably know!). Some of the categories I would be talking about are web videos, podcasting, social media etc. Although, i’m far from an expert in most of these areas I want my website to be more of an online diary where I will blog about my journey into using IM form a beginners level, so i’m not coming from the guru point of view. As this market is so crowded I was thinking of specialising in one category such as web videos for example. Pros – This would give me a strong identity and people would prob rather work with a specialist than a generalist that talks about podcasting along with other marketing media. Cons – I don’t want to be restricted to talk just about web videos or have a seperate website for each category. Any suggestions on which route to take?

  3. Hi Rob. Great question. No easy answer.

    Part of it comes in how you plan to get visitors to your site. A lot of the tight niche thinking online comes from being able to get to the top of the search engines in an uncompetitive area.

    In the case of internet marketing it’s doubtful you’d be able to get to the top of the search engines for a broad field like that. Something more specialised is easier – but that’s dependent on people actually searching for the terms you’re going for.

    So are there a lot of searches for video marketing for example? I would guess so but you’ll need to do the research to be sure there’s a solid market.

    It’s worth thinking about different traffic sources. Kris Gilbertson is doing a whole load of stuff on podcasting. it’s very complementary to a lot of internet marketing stuff so she’s partnering up and doing joint webinars with many folks online to build her list.

    And the online diary approach is good too. It builds trust because you’re being open with your audience. Pat Flynn is a great example of this.

    You probably won’t end up with a lot of customers until you do become bigger and better – but the path you took will establish you as an honest and open expert.

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