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Ian Brodie

Email is Without Doubt the most powerful marketing tool for Small and Solo Businesses

I'm sure you've heard that a million times before.

And I'm sure you've read about the 43:1 return on investment with email marketing.

Or that a regular newsletter allows you to build credibility and trust directly with your audience without being hostage to the whims and algorithms of social media giants, search engines and their capricious billionaire owners.

It's true.

But, of course, there's a catch...

there's a Huge Problem with almost all the advice you get on email and newsletters

If you've ever read one of those articles about how you should copy the methods Joe Blow used to grow his email list to 27 million, or that you need to learn advanced "ninja" copywriting techniques or implement yet another complex technology tool then you'll know all about this problem.

Almost none of the advice on email and newsletters deals with the actual challenges real people have.

Real people have problems like getting started. Or knowing what to write about. Or managing to send emails out regularly rather than once in a blue moon. Or getting more than a few dozen subscribers.

Learning about fancy automations or how some influencer with a huge social media following grew their email list doesn't help the rest of us. 

And frankly, we just don't have the time to learn any of it, let alone implement it. We have businesses to run. Clients to help. Lives to lead.

All that well-meaning advice does more harm than good because it doesn't focus on the actual day-to-day problems most of us have with newsletters and email marketing.

And it doesn't help with the one thing that above all else leads to success with email for "normal people".


Sending a valuable, interesting email week in, week out that cements your credibility and builds a personal relationship with your subscribers while helping them succeed.

And you can only be consistent with email (or anything) if it's simple, easy and enjoyable.

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