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Guest Blogging: A Shortcut For Finding High Quality Sites For Your Guest Blog Posts

Guest blogging is one of the hottest strategies to boost your website up the search engine rankings. But it can be a hugely time consuming task to find high quality, high traffic sites willing to accept your guest blog posts.

In this video I show you a great little tool that will do all the hard work for you – freeing you up to focus on your content.

Here's the link to the Link Prospector software mentioned in the video: >>

If you've got any questions about this strategy or observations on how you've put it into place yourself – just pop them in the comments below and I'll answer as soon as I can.

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  1. Hi Ian,

    Loving the videos

    I resonantly shared an article on a social media website which has had around 2,000 social media shares. The article was trending on LinkedIn under marketing and advertising and significantly increased the engagement on Twitter.

    The crossover to my own website is not even worth mentioning, even with that much interest.

    Do you think that you need to do more than one post on the identified website? I think you do but would be interested to get your feedback.

    Happy Tweeting

  2. Hi Mark – it’s a Blue Yeti mic. Sound quality is really good and it’s multi directional – you can set it to accept sound from all around, just in front, in front/behind etc. – helps cut down on background noise.


  3. Hi Wendy. The big guest bloggers like Danny Iny and Jon Morrow tend to do multiple posts per site to almost build a kind of following on that site. That increases their chances of getting traffic.

    You also need a strong call to action back to your site – mention your free report or whatever in the bio bit.

    Since your article trended, the site should be very willing to have you on again.

    After you’ve done 3-5 guest blog posts on one site you’ll probably not get any more SEO benefit from doing more. But it will continue to grow your reputation and drive a little direct traffic.


  4. Thanks @ianbrodie:disqus for your feedback,

    That makes a lot of sense; I guess it’s about being selective with the sites you are posting on and pre planning a set of articles that interlink with one another.

    Happy Tweeting
    Wendy | @TheTweepleQueen

  5. Hi, Ian! No need to search…you can post on my blog anytime~ :)

  6. Hi Ian,

    Really great instructive video on the software. Personally I prefer the self inflicted pain of manually doing all this myself. Using software to make life easier sounds like cheating…..

    I hope you can see my tongue firmly in my cheek!

  7. I must admit, I was shocked at how easy it was Mike – I felt guilty using it.

    Of course, using the software isn’t enough – you then need to contact the site owner and propose a guest blog post. Then write it, etc.

    But it’s a great start and really saves a ton of time in the area that takes the most.