Authority Marketing Interview: Drayton Bird

Authority Marketing Interview: Drayton Bird


Authority Marketing Podcast

Authority Marketing Interview: Drayton Bird

What can I say about Drayton Bird that hasn't already been said?

The legendary David Ogilvy said “he knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world”.

Sir Martin Sorrell, founder of WPP called him a “wise and wily marketer”.

Ken McCarthy, the founding father of internet marketing called him simply a “genius”.

So how did he get to this point? How did he build his authority as a direct marketer and copywriter to the point where even the experts come to learn from him?

In this interview, Drayton reveals the simple (but of course, far from easy) secrets of his success in direct marketing.

He talks about how he got started, how he got his first job in advertising, some of his famous successes and painful disasters.

And he shares his advice on what it takes to build a position as an authority in your field.

For a consultant or coach looking to raise their profile and begin to get clients looking for them, it's absolute gold dust.

A quick warning for the faint of heart – Drayton does swear a bit in the interview!

Drayting Bird Authority Marketing Interview

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Ian Brodie

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