Using a Compilation Book to Win Clients

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Using a Compilation Book to Win Clients


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Using a Compilation Book to Win Clients

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There's no doubt that being the author of a successful book can be a huge boost to your credibility and ability to win clients.

But rather obviously, writing a book and getting it to bestseller status all on your own is a far from trivial task.

Many people start a book and never finish. And of those that do, few manage to get it to sell well and even fewer manage to use the book to win a decent strea of new clients.

In this podcast interview, “Marketing Magician” Stefan Drew shares the details of how he pulled together a bunch of friends and colleagues (me included) to create a bestselling book – and then used that book to get meetings with and win high value clients.

It's a process almost anyone can reproduce.

You can find out more about Stefan by clicking here.

And look out for Creating Business Growth II in the New Year. Stefan will again be editing and I will again be contributing. All the proceeds from the book will be going to the Shakespeare Hospice, the chosen charity of Mike Seddon our good friend and contributor to Volume I who we recently lost to cancer.

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Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie teaches consultants, coaches and other professionals to attract and win their ideal clients by becoming seen as authorities in their field.

  • user

    AUTHOR Mike Seddon

    Posted on 9:49 am May 13, 2015.

    Great interview guys. As one of the contributors I can testify to the herd cats analogy.

    Your Wedding photographer example is excellent. One spin off for the Wedding Photographer is that the process of pulling together the book would lead him into building a number of relationships with complimentary businesses who share the same customer base. So lots of referral and joint venture opportunities present themselves instantly!

    Here’s to Volume 2 :)


  • user

    AUTHOR Ian

    Posted on 10:58 am May 13, 2015.

    Excellent point Mike. Not only does he now know lots of other businesses with the same customer base, they’ve got a shared experience together and they’ve mutually established credibility too.

  • user

    AUTHOR Stefan

    Posted on 8:01 am May 24, 2015.

    Thanks for interviewing me Ian, it is always a pleasure to work with you.

    Since doing the recording I’ve landed several other pieces of work in my target sector and it has all been down to using the book as leverage. One thing I am finding is that it is much easier to get buy in to a strategy or review project as an outcome to the initial meetings rather than a huge contract. The smaller projects are like the test drive and invariably lead to subsequent projects that are much bigger. This is common sense really but I wouldn’t want anyone to use a book as leverage and then fail because they then try to convert he first meeting into a huge project. It might happen, but it is more likely to work best if you go down the trust building route with a smaller initial project.

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