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Use The “Non-Celebrity Celebrity Showcase” To Quickly Build Visibility And Credibility

Posted on 24th November 2015. The Non-Celebrity Showcase For Quickly Building Credibility And Visibility

Excuse the weird title :)

If you didn't watch last week's 5 minute marketing tip on the Celebrity Showcase then the title won't make much sense. But the video is basically an approach to using Linkedin and Facebook Groups and Forums to quickly build visibility and credibility – but not in the way most people recommend.

The standard advice for a number of years on using Linkedin Groups or Facebook Groups or Forums on websites has been to become a valued contributor and to paste links to your blog posts and free reports to get people to your site and to sign up for your emails.

That approach just doesn't work any more.

Forums and groups are becoming bogged down in links to external resources that take people away from the group. So much so that many owners of the most vibrant groups don't allow promotional links like these because they take people away from the group and so kill off discussions if you get too many (and once one person leaves a link to their blog post or free report, everyone starts leaving links to their blog posts and free reports).

Instead, I recommend you use a variant of the Celebrity Showcase method to make your expertise visible to your potential clients in the group, but in a way that adds value to them and the group as a whole.

I explain how in this week's video…
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How to Market Using LinkedIn Groups

Posted on 31st March 2015.

Welcome to the second weekly Marketing Q&A video.

This week's question is from Anna and it's about the best ways of marketing using Linkedin Groups.

There are many active Linkedin groups filled with your potential clients. But can they be used effectively for marketing? Should they? If so, what are the best ways?
Find out in today's video by clicking here »


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How To REALLY Win Business With Linkedin Groups: Interview With S Anthony Iannarino

Posted on 27th May 2013.

Entrepreneur and professional speaker S Anthony Iannarino is one of the few people who is actually winning clients day in, day out using Linkedin. In this episode of the More Clients Podcast Anthony shares with us the strategies he uses daily to attract and win his dream clients (and how he fits social media into his hectic schedule)

I‘ve published a lot of material here on the More Clients blog about using Linkedin to win clients. I've covered creating a client focused profile and using Linekdin as a source of referrals.

But one topic I've not really covered that you'll hear mentioned time and time again by social media experts is using Linkedin Groups.

The reason I've not covered it: I've yet to see anyone who's “cracked the code”. Who knows how to use them to reliably win clients without spending their life there.

Except one person.

A couple of years ago Anthony Iannarino shared with me some stats on what he was doing with Linkedin. The number of visitors and clients he was getting as a direct result of his activity in groups. I was more than impressed.

And I've finally persuaded Anthony to share his strategies with us on the More Clients Podcast.

Most advice you'll see talks generically about “position yourself as an expert by contributing to Linkedin Groups”. Great. But how exactly? Linking to blog posts? Joining in discussions?

Turns out neither strategy alone works particularly well.

On the podcast Anthony reveals exactly how he wins big deals in his recruitment business, and how he ensures a steady flow of client enquires for his speaking business.

If you've been struggling to get traction on Linkedin. Or you find you're spending so much time on groups that it doesn't seem like you're getting a worthwhile return on investment then this is the podcast to listen to.

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To find out more about Anthony and read some of his many tips on sales and sales management, head over to The Sales Blog.