[Podcast] How To Scale A Professional Service Business With Mitch Russo

[Podcast] How To Scale A Professional Service Business With Mitch Russo


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[Podcast] How To Scale A Professional Service Business With Mitch Russo

In this podcast I cover a new topic for me: growing a business beyond yourself.

My guest is Mitch Russo, someone who's built a bunch of businesses in his time: from founding Timeslips which grew to be the world's largest time tracking software company, to being the COO of Sage in the US, to being president of Business Breakthroughs International, a company he founded with long-time friend Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins.

These days he works with coaches to help them scale their coaching business. But the lessons he shares are equally applicable to any professional service business.

In the podcast we talk about the key elements of building and scaling a service business:

  • How to find the right people to hire
  • How to get them up to speed so you're not spending all your time supervising them
  • What you must do before hiring someone into a service business
  • Packaging your services for higher fees
  • Building systems to allow you to focus on the strategic areas of your business

You can find out more about Mitch's Coaching System Architect approach to scaling a coaching business you can find out more here (and get a free copy of Mitch's “5 Mistakes Coaches Make Building Their Business” report).

And right now, Mitch's new book “The Invisible Organisation” which shows CEOs how to transition their businesses to virtual organisations is completely free on Amazon Kindle. Click here for your copy.

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