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[Podcast] Stefan Drew on How He Built a Successful Platform Without Email Marketing

It pains me to say this, but email marketing is not the only answer :)

OK, all joking aside, what is vital for any business is to build a platform: a way of regularly communicating and keeping top of mind with your ideal clients.

Email marketing is a particularly powerful way of doing that. But it's not the only way.

In this podcast Stefan Drew explains how he built a successful platform for his consultancy in the education sector without using email marketing.

You'll see that the same principles that normally apply to email marketing can also be applied to other media to build that personal connection with potential clients that leads to a steady stream of work.

Stefan and I also discuss how he's managed to get so much good PR for his business and clients including regular slots on radio and in the press (including a time when he temporarily became a reporter on the collapse of the Berlin wall!).

More importantly he gives his tips for how you can break in to getting media appearances on a regular basis.

You can find out more about Stefan and his business here:

>> Stefan Drew's Site <<

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