[Podcast] Mike Kerrison on How He Built His Consulting Business

[Podcast] Mike Kerrison on How He Built His Consulting Business


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[Podcast] Mike Kerrison on How He Built His Consulting Business

I‘ve got a fantastic podcast episode for you today.

In the podcast I interview Mike Kerrison about how he built his hugely successful consulting business

After launching 3 multi-million dollar technology firms, Mike left the corporate world to join the ranks of solo consultants. In the last 15 years of running his consulting business he's facilitated over 200 strategic planning sessions for Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurial growth firms. His programs have reached over 400,000 people and he has graduated over 10,000 sales and management professionals from his Breakaway Schools

But like most new consultants, he had to start from scratch and build his reputation and client base. He also had to learn new ways of marketing, delivering his services, and teaming up with others to deliver projects too big for just one person.

In this interview Mike shares the details of just how he did that. He'll tell you what types of marketing worked for him, how he found partners to work with, how he got his first few clients, and how he got more leverage in his business.

Whether you're a consultant, a coach, a trainer or any service business owner you'll get great insights into how to successfully start and then grow your business

You can find out more about Mike and how he does what he does at his site here:

>> Mike Kerrison's Site <<

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