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How To Use a Survey to Launch an Online Training Course

Posted on 4th March 2015.

I‘ve had a bunch of questions in about the details of the survey we used to help launch Kathy's online training course recently.

Quick background: we've wanted to launch an online training course in Kathy's business for ages and a few weeks ago we finally bit the bullet.

But rather than jump straight into developing the course “blind” we decided we wanted to run a paid pilot first to make sure the concept was viable (a strategy Bryan Harris and Danny Iny have both written about).

And to make sure we got the pilot right, we ran a short survey with Kathy's email subscribers to find out what would be the most valuable things for the course to cover.

End result: the pilot launch was a great success: nearly 25% of the people who completed the survey signed up and paid for the pilot within a couple of days.

Here's how we ran the survey, the questions we asked and the psychology behind them.
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The 15 Best Email Subject Lines To Get People To Open Your Emails

Posted on 26th November 2014. The 15 Best Email Subject Lines To Get People To Open Your Emails

Your primary goal in email marketing is to get results. That might be sales, client enquiries, offers to come and speak.

And, of course, the first step to getting people to take action is that they have to open and read your emails. In today's overcrowded world, that's no easy task.

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How I Grew My Email Sign Up Rate By 91% With One Simple Technique

Posted on 18th July 2014.

I‘m going to assume that if you're reading this, you already know two things:

  1. Building an email list is the most powerful, most certain method of getting clients and growing your business online (hey, I have to say that, I wrote the #1 book on email marketing on Amazon after all ;) 
  2. Building an email list isn't easy. The vast majority of visitors to your website will leave without signing up.

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3 Simple Mistakes Which Stop People Reading Your Emails

Posted on 23rd June 2014.

A lot of focus gets put in Email Marketing on subject lines.

After all, if no one opens your email, no one is going to take action or buy.

But after opening it, if they then don't read it or they scan it and just close it without properly reading; it's the same end result. No action and no sales.

And frankly, making your emails readable is something even marketing experts screw up regularly as we'll see in a few moments.

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Using Content Campaigns to Boost Your Marketing

Posted on 16th April 2014.

On March 25th I was a guest speaker at “Event Camp 2014” in Abu Dhabi. The focus of the conference was on “hybrid events” – a new breed of conference where many speakers and delegates attend remotely.

True to the spirit of the event, I did my session from the comfort of my own home in Cheshire.

My slot was on “Content Campaigns” – using targeted marketing campaigns (in particular, using email marketing) to boost the effectiveness of events (attendance, engagement at sessions and post-event “buzz”).

Although the focus was on marketing events, the concept of content campaigns is equally applicable to marketing webinars, products or services generally.

You can watch a recording of the session here:

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Why Your Website Copy Matters More Than You Think

Posted on 24th January 2014.

jenToday’s blog post is by Jen Havice, a website copywriter who specializes in creating content with personality that's made for conversions.

Website copy. It can create trust, provide value and be the difference between making a sale and losing a prospect.

Unfortunately, too many small businesses treat their websites and the copy on them as afterthoughts.

Why? It usually comes down to time and resources. Understandable, but I’m here to tell you that it’s time for the excuses to end.

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Project 10K: Surprising Results, Lots of Lessons Learned

Posted on 20th January 2014.

P10K-optinsBack in January 2013 I announced by big project for the year: Project 10K. My goal: hit 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year.

I‘ve had lots of people ask about progress. So did I hit 10,000 subscribers?

Nope. Not close. I'm regularly getting about 200 or so new subscribers every month. But not nearly enough to reach my 10,000 target.

So a miserable failure? Not really: here's why.

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Here’s (One Reason) Why I Don’t Recommend Fancy Images For Emails

Posted on 17th December 2013.

grinchemailGot this email from Copyblogger today.

I like Copyblogger. I think they create some good material. In fact I've paid for a couple of their programs.

And I think they've done a good job with their new branding.

However, this recent email from them (and most of the emails they send with images in) is unreadable on my iPhone as the picture shows.

Like very many emails sent with images in, if the image is bigger than the 300 or so pixels of the mobile devices screen, it will shrink the whole email to fit the screen. The result is that the text becomes far to small to read without zooming and panning (ie no one in their right mind will do it).

And since emails you've opened on your mobile device usually then appear as read on your desktop, you tend not to open them again.

Result = high open rates, but low genuine read rates. And no action taken on the email.

I understand why Copyblogger have gone a bit upscale and started making their emails look more branded. In Email Persuasion I make the case that for most of us, very plain formatting that makes our emails look like normal emails from friends and colleagues works best.

In Copyblogger's case since these days they're clearly a business rather than a person the professonalisation of their branding is understandable.

But it just shows you how tricky it is to get images to work well in emails. And since the latest stats say that more email is opened on mobile devices than desktops, it's something you need to think about carefully before going down that route.


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21 Sources of Inspiration for Blog Posts and Emails

Posted on 24th November 2013.

If you do any sort of online marketing you'll know that one of the keys to success is a regular flow of engaging, entertaining, impactful material.

That might be in blog posts, emails, videos or podcasts. You might focus just on adding value with your content to build credibility and trust with potential clients. Or you might use your stories and examples to make your sales letters or promotions more interesting and effective.

Whatever you do, you need “stuff”. You need to be able to put pen to paper, keyboard to blog, webcam to youtube and to create material that your potential clients are going to find useful, entertaining, thought-provoking, challenging, insightful, funny, valuable, maybe even life-changing.

Doing that regularly is a big ask. If you're anything like me you'll have days where you sit there thinking “what on earth am I going to write about today?”.

So here are some sources of inspiration I've used to come up with ideas and themes for blog posts, emails and other content. At least one of these will work for you every time you're drawing blanks.

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How Consultants Can Use Guest Blog Posting to Fill Their Calendar with Client Work

Posted on 27th September 2013.

Today’s blog post is by Peter Sandeen, Value Proposition and Conversion expert. In this article Peter walks you through how to use guest blogging as a strategy to get more visitors to your website and convert more into clients

guestblogingIt’s a cliché: a calendar so full of client work that you can’t take on any more work for months.

Yet, that’s what most of us want: a cliché.

There are many ways to get there. Networking, online advertising, referrals, direct mail ads, cold calling, and guest posting.

All of them can work.

And you can use more than one at a time.

But here’s how you can use guest posting to reach that cliché that some people believe to be nothing but an ancient myth.

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