[Case Study] Creating and Marketing Online Products (in the REAL World)

[Case Study] Creating and Marketing Online Products (in the REAL World)


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[Case Study] Creating and Marketing Online Products (in the REAL World)

In this podcast I interview Clive Mallard, The Independent's Consultant who over the last year or so has transitioned his business from being primarily based on live consulting to one focused on his core online product which teaches advanced consulting skills to independents.

As with all my podcast interviews, this isn't one of those overnight success stories that can never be reproduced by the rest of us. It's a story of hard work over a significant period of time to build a sutainable business.

In the podcast Clive shares the details of how he came up with the idea for his product, how he researched his market further to find out more about what was wanted, how he created the different components, and the marketing approaches that are working for him right now to best promote the product.

And he shares his very practical tips about how to get started developing your own products and what to watch out for that might derail you.

You can find out more about Clive and his course for independent consultants here:

>> The Independent's Consultant <<

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Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie teaches consultants, coaches and other professionals to attract and win the clients they need using "Value-Based Marketing" - an approach to marketing based around delivering value, demonstrating your capabilities and earning trust through your marketing.

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