Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever By NOT Doing Things

Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever By NOT Doing Things


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Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever By NOT Doing Things

Hey – happy New Year and welcome to the first 5 Minute Marketing Tip of 2016.

If you're anything like me then by now your inbox will be overflowing with emails from experts and gurus telling you the world is all going to change in 2016 and giving you a huge list of new things you apparently must do to make this year your best year ever.

I don't buy it.

For me, the very first thing you need to do to make 2016 your best year ever is to STOP doing things.

I explain why and give you some tips on how in the video.

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Video Transcript

Hi. It's Ian here. Happy New Year and welcome to the first five-minute marketing tip of 2016.

If you're anything like me your email inbox is probably overflowing right now with a whole bunch of emails telling you that the world's going to change in 2016 and here are 25 things you've got to do if you want to make this year your best year ever.

I just don't believe it.

For me, the most important thing you can do right now to make this year your best year ever is to stop doing things first. I'll explain why and give you some ideas on how after the break.

It's Ian, welcome back. So far this year I've had emails telling me that if I want to make 2016 my best year ever I've got to create a whole load more content, I've got to write longer blog posts, I've got to do more interactive social media, I've got to do live video, etc., etc., etc. I bet you've had a whole bunch of similar emails with big long lists of things you've got to do to succeed in 2016 and it's easy for social media experts and marketing professionals to keep sending out this stuff telling us all this great new stuff that we've got to do because A) they make money when we do it and B) they're full-time dedicated to social media or marketing or whatever. But most of us have a real job to live. We have to do work and we have to speak to and work with our clients. We have a limited amount of time to do marketing.

The truth is that for in the real world if you want to succeed, if you want to have your best year ever in 2016, then of course, yes, you'll want to adapt and improve and take some new things onboard, but before you do that you absolutely must cut out some of the existing things you're doing rather than just trying to add more and more stuff to your overcrowded agenda.

How are you going to do that? I think there are two ways, certainly in my experience.

The first is that most of us still waste a lot of time. Now, how you waste your time is going to be unique to you personally. For example, I'm very indisciplined in my use of email and social media so whenever I finish an important task for my business or I might have written an article, I might have made a video like this, then I've got a few minutes to spare. Instead of either taking a break and then getting on with the next important task it's very easy for me to go and check out Facebook because I'm going to check my Facebook ads and then I end up reading a few articles on there or I end up clicking through the blogs and reading articles on there. Or I end up browsing my email inbox and processing a few of those immediately instead of bunching them up and doing them more efficiently.

My real weakness is that indiscipline around social media and email. I could save at least 15-20 minutes a day if I was just more disciplined about it. Now that might not sound like a lot, but 10 minutes a day is over an hour a week. An hour a week is about 50 hours a year. That's well over a working week you get back if you just cut out some of the mindless waste that's going on. What you're wasting time doing will be different for you so what I suggest is just be mindful when you're going through your day of when you're drifting into stuff that's not high value added for your business. Mindlessly checking emails ten times, checking social media, reading blogs, etc. Those are all important in their place, if you schedule them and you plan to do them, but if you're just flipping over to do them because your mind needs occupying and they're easier to do in preference to some of the hard work like writing or thinking about your clients or doing client work. Then you can maybe cut those out.

The second thing you should be doing before you take on any new stuff is to make sure you're culling from your repertoire of the marketing you're doing stuff that isn't great value for your time. We all do a whole bunch of different marketing activities. Some of it is more effective than others. It's sometimes difficult to tell which is the most effective, because different bits of marketing work in different ways. Face-to-face marketing like networking, going out and meeting potential clients tends to have a very high hit rate in terms of the people you meet turning into clients, but you can only do very few and it's very, very time intensive. Online stuff tends to have a much lower hit rate. You know only a small percentage of people that signed up for my emails ever turn into customers of paying clients, but it's a much more efficient use of my time because I can reach thousands and thousands of people at once.

You have to figure out, for you, what's a great use of your time. Go through your marketing, look at whether each individual major piece of marketing you're spending your time doing is helping you achieve your goals and not just whether it's going to help you achieve your goals, but is it a good use of your time? Is it doing that efficiently? Personally, the best thing I ever did for my marketing, I think a few years ago, was I stopped doing face-to-face networking. The only time I ever go out to an event now is if I'm going to learn something from that event. I don't go out in order to try and meet people, to network and to try and do business development because I found I can do it much more efficiently online these days. Now, it might be different for you. The best form of business development for you might be face-to-face, so you just need to figure that out and then make sure you know which of the marketing you're doing is the one you can cull if you take on some extra stuff that all these people are emailing you about and suggesting you do.

That's the key thing for me. Save some time on the time wasting activities you do. That's good across the board. Secondly, before you take on any new marketing activities like moving into video or podcasts or learning how to do presentations, etc. make sure you're cutting something from your existing repertoire of marketing so that you've actually got the time to do it probably. Don't try and cram it in to an already crowded agenda, because I know how hard everyone is working.

That's it for me this week. See you next week on another five-minute marketing tip. Cheers.

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