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Want To Be A Thought Leader? Don’t Do This!

Posted on 20th June 2016. Want To Be A Thought Leader? Don't Do This.

I saw a presentation recently about “how to be a thought leader”. Like all presentations there were some thing I liked, and some things I didn’t. But there was one thing that got me really worked up: advice that I hear repeated again and again that I think is misguided and will take you down the wrong path if you want to be a thought leader.

In this week’s video I highlight the big mistake that often gets recommended, and more importantly, tell you what to do instead if you want to become a real thought leader.
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Business Development Strategy

Market Leadership Strategy #1: Thought Leadership

Posted on 6th January 2015.

At the start of every year I like to set out the big themes I’ll be focusing on during the year, and I share those themes in the hope that you’ll find them useful in some way.

In 2015 my big overarching theme is Market Leadership. As I’m sure you can guess, future blog posts, emails and video will focus on some of the practical details on how to achieve market leadership in your market.

This first video of 2015 looks at the first of three big strategies I believe work the best to achieve market leadership for service and information based businesses: Thought Leadership.

You can catch the next two videos on Relationship Leadership here and on Marketing Leadership here.