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How to Partner with Procurement to Win More Clients

Posted on 23rd July 2014.

If you're selling your services to corporates or even mid-sized companies, chances are you'll bump into procurement.

You may need to submit proposals, take part in formal tender processes, get onto the approved supplier list, or just have them OK your letter of engagement.

And you've probably discovered that sometimes working with client's procurement teams isn't easy.

Sometimes it feels like their only goal is to drive down your price. Or keep small suppliers like you out of the equation.

In this podcast I interview procurement expert Stephen Ashcroft. Steve's worked with procurement teams in 33 of the UK's largest private companies and some of the biggest public sector organisations to help them improve the way they buy. And he's increasingly working with professional service firms to help them improve their relationships with clients' procurement teams.

In the interview Steve shares what procurement are really focused on, how small firms can differentiate themselves against larger competitors, and the best ways of working with procurement to make sure you “stay in the game”.

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