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Principled Selling: Winning Clients Without Selling Your Soul

Posted on 22nd March 2013.

Author of “Principled Selling”, David Tovey talks about some of the key principles and strategies you can use in face to face marketing and selling to win more clients without having to “sell your soul”.

David Tovey is a director of the Principled Group and author of the recently published Principled Selling: How to Win More Business Without Selling Your Soul.

For most of us consultants, coaches, lawyers, engineers, accountants; sales is not something we enjoy. And one of the reasons for that is that we assume it's all about manipulation and persuasion.

In this podcast interview, David shows us how we can sell effectively in a principled way: without manipulation, without pressuring our clients, and without “selling our soul”

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To find out more about David and principled selling, head over to the Principled Selling website.