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Become Seen As An Authority By Mastering A New Media

Posted on 8th December 2015. Become Seen As An Authority By Mastering A New Media

A different approach to becoming seen as an authority this week.

Your status as an authority is based on your audience's perception of your expertise relative to other experts they know.

So one shortcut to being seen as an authority that we've discussed before is to focus on a very tight niche or specialist area where there's less competition and so it's easier for you to stand out.

Another approach that works in a similar way is to master a new media. Over the years we've seen an acceleration in the pace of new media appearing: from blogs to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, to Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram. Today's hot new media is live video with Hangouts, Periscopes and Blabs.

Each new media brings with it a new audience, and a chance for early adopters of the new media to position themselves as authorities to that new audience. This week's video explains how.
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