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Marketing Quiz…

Posted on 17th April 2012.

Bob DylanQuick marketing quiz for you…

As a buyer, are you more or less likely these days than in the past to hang up the phone if you get cold called (irrespective of what's on offer)?

Are you more or less likely to tell an assistant in a shop that you're fine when they approach to ask if you need some help?

Are you more or less likely to research a purchase before ever speaking to potential service providers?

Are you more or less likely than in the past to search for a real expert (wherever they may be) in something you need help with rather than settling for someone nearby who's OK?

If you answered “more” to one or more of the above questions (my guess is you probably answered more to them all) then here's the real question:

If that's how your behaviour as a buyer has changed – how has your marketing changed to reflect the fact that your own buyers will have changed in the same way?


Image: Dylan, of course, from the cover of The Times, They Are A-Changin'