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Emotional Intelligence: A Key To Winning Clients

Posted on 21st January 2013.

Author of “Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success”, Colleen Stanley shares with us why emotional intelligence is so important when it comes to winning clients and shows us how to build our own emotional intelligence and use it to build our businesses.

Colleen Stanley is the CEO of Sales Leadership and author of the recently published Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success.

Whether you're a consultant, a lawyer, an accountant, architect, coach or anyone in business – one of the critical roles you have is to meet with potential clients and talk to them about working together.

We often hate the word, but essentially we're talking about sales.

In this podcast interview, Colleen reveals why emotional intelligence is so vital to succeeding in these sales situations – and how professionals like you and I can build our EI skills and use them to win more clients.

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To find out more about Colleen and using Emotional Intelligence to win clients, head over to the Sales Leadership site at Sales Leadership