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Hustle, Hustle, Hustle

In my experience, the people who succeed at business development are not necessarily the ones who are the best at it. They're the ones who are the busiest at it.

They're not the people with the greatest skills. They're the people with the most “hustle”.

I'd like you to do a little exercise for me, right now.

Really simple. Will only take 2 minutes.

First – write down what your top 3 sources of new clients are. It could be referrals, your website, networking, giving presentations – whatever.

Then for each of those methods – write down when you last did whatever it is. The last time you went networking, wrote an article for your website, asked for a referral.

If it's not within the last few days then the chances are you're not busy enough at business development.

In my experience, the people who get the most business from networking aren't the people who are the best at it in the technical sense. They're the people who do it the most.

The people who get the most clients from seminars? The people who run the most.

The people who get the most clients from referrals? The people who ask the most.

The people who get the most business from their website? Well, you see where I'm going.

So ask yourself seriously – how busy are you at business development? How much hustle are you putting into it.

I see far too many people “waiting” for something to drop. They put some feelers out, do a little networking, speak to a few people.

Then wait.

Don't wait.

If you're not busy with client work – do something.

I found myself falling into this trap myself recently. I read a few articles on the web about how to get clients online and kept thinking to myself “I could do better than that”.

But of course, what I should have asked myself (and thankfully eventually did) was “why haven't I done better than that?”. Why don't I get off my backside and get some better articles written, published and attracting traffic for me.

Instead of looking at others succeeding and thinking you COULD do better. Get out there and DO better.

Hustle, Hustle, Hustle.


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  1. As always, it’s all about ACTION. A great strategy poorly implemented is useless. An OK strategy beautifully implemented is great. Action gets results. Some kind of result. This allows you to hone what you do and get better results. But without action – no results, which tends to lead to more inaction.
    I better go and do something now…

  2. I love this one! Ouch!
    I have been hustling since I read it.
    Face more balls and you’ll hit more runs!

  3. I love this post! I’m a huge believer of this concept. We all know professionals that are more technically proficient than us, but “hustle” will trump technical expertise every time.

    “Things may come to those who wait…but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln



  4. couldnt agree more. I’m from a professional services firm and one of the most successful client engagement managers in our Europe office is an Indian who exchange the most biz cards in his meetings and networks and follows up the most.

  5. great post – I scored myself 70% which I’m happy with but 80/90% would have been better!
    Keep the pressure on, Ian.
    cheers, Jeff