Get 5 Powerful Email Templates Each Month

Thanks so much for your interest in my monthly email template packs.

I'll be creating 5 new templates each month - enough to give you plenty of fuel for a weekly email newsletter.

The templates are a great fit for people in "expert businesses". Consultants, coaches, trainers - anyone who's hired for their expertise or ability to get results for their clients.

And they're perfect for anyone who knows how powerful email marketing and newsletters can be to build credibility and trust and establish a relationship with potential clients - but who maybe struggles with consistency or gets stuck for too long trying to think of and write emails. Or maybe doesn't get the results they're hoping for from their emails. Or perhaps just wants more ideas and inspiration to boost an already successful newsletter

I was sceptical, but tried a few templates. My weekly email open rates jumped immediately from around 30-32% over the past year, to around 40%. My email last week had an open rate of 47%. These templates do work!

Brian Ramsay

Managing Director, Innovact Consulting

What you get with each Template Pack

When I say templates, I don't mean a complete "copy and paste" where you just change a few words - obviously that wouldn't really work given that everyone's business, expertise and clients are different. I mean themes and frameworks that allow you to put your own ideas, insights and examples into an effective structure that your readers will find engaging and will naturally lead to a call to action.

The templates work for you at two levels.

First they just make it faster and easier for you to write emails because the theme and the outline is already done for you and I give you guidance on how to write the email. If nothing else, they get you out of the cycle of wondering what to write about next and being overwhelmed by possibilities.

And secondly, the structures work. They'll increase the number of people reading the whole email, engaging with it and taking action.

I've learnt over the years that the best way to be consistent with your marketing isn't to try to develop an iron discipline or magically find extra hours in the day to do it. It's to find ways of marketing that are easy, fun and effective. These templates do that for your email marketing - they make writing emails easy, fun and effective.

If you want to see what the templates look like you can watch the video below where I walk through one of the templates in the first pack.

You can get the templates right now for just £10 per month (approx $12 USD, €11 Euro).

I think that's officially "ridiculously low" - but I want to get the templates into the hands of as many people as possible and help you get great results from your emails with the minimal possible fuss.

If you join now, that special launch price will be locked in for as long as you stay a member.

If that sounds good, you can sign up by clicking the button below and heading over to my friendly checkout. 

'I'd fast been coming to the conclusion that I needed to do something to
make writing our weekly newsletter easier. I'd already tried
brainstorming a list of ideas and I'd found a list of story prompts
online but it was still a weekly struggle. I therefore couldn't believe
my luck when Ian's email offer came through.

My weekly process is now to simply pick one of the 5 templates and,
using Ian's helpful prompts and example, tailor it to my topic and
readership. It takes all the painful brainstorming and guesswork out of
it. If you're on the fence about taking the plunge, I'd recommend you
run not walk to grab them before he comes to his senses around the

Elisha Ward

Marketing Consultant

I'd love to have you as a member and help you get consistent, easy results with your emails.

Best wishes,

Ian Brodie