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Creating a Marketing Habit in 21 Days

Posted on 15th June 2009.

Creating a Marketing Habit in 21 DaysPaula Black has just published The Little Black Book: A Lawyer’s Guide To Creating A Marketing Habit in 21 Days.

Having got my hands on a pre-release copy, I can say that not only is the book beautifully produced (the sort you'll want to keep flipping open and dipping in to) but it's filled with the sort of practical hints that can really help ingrain a marketing mindset.

And as I've repeatedly written, the key differentiator between successful Rainmakers and “also rans” is that Rainmakers have a repeatable business development system. Sometimes it's unconscious – they just get on and “do their thing” when needed. But a great many highly successful business developers have developed their skills and their “system” consciously. This book is a great way to do that for yourself. It's not a book of heavy theory or completely new ideas. Just practical tips and advice – the “blocking & tackling” we all need to do become effective marketers.

The first part of the book is a day-by-day activity guide to ingrain client-focused marketing habits into your psyche. The second is a guide to developing a marketing plan, focused on your current and former clients, marketing within your firm, and marketing by joining organisations. the final part is a series of marketing “pearls of wisdom” from successful lawyers.

48 Hour Deal: 34 Free Gifts for Purchasers of the Book

For the next 48 hours, Paula is running a special deal where anyone who buys her book via the Law Marketing Portal can claim “The Smart Layer's Toolkit” – 34 ebooks, free subscriptions, podcasts and other gifts.

Among the contributers to this are:

  • Larry Bodine on “Thinking Like a Rainmaker”
  • Josh Fruchter on “The Top Ten Law Firm Website SEO Best Practices”
  • Julie Fleming on “The Reluctant Rainmaker: A Guide for Lawyers Who Hate Selling”
  • Patrick J McKenna on “Getting Unbeatable Testimonials”
  • Paramjit Mahli on “How To Grow Your Law Practice on a Shoestring Budget…Media Relations”
  • David Barret on “Social Media for Lawyers”
  • and a contribution from myself: “Building Your Client Base Through Referrals”

Go to Paula's Law Marketing site to order and get the free gifts.