Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie teaches consultants, coaches and other professionals to attract and win their ideal clients by becoming seen as authorities in their field.


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Is this You? Who Benefits the Most from Working with Me?

I work with consultants, coaches and other professionals to help them find and attract more clients and win more business.

Many professionals are highly skilled at what they do – but are not sure how to best market their capabilities and are uncomfortable in selling situations.

As a result, they're often frustrated at how less capable competitors seem to win all the best clients and high value work.

Now the truth is that few people become consultants or coaches because they like to sell or want to focus on marketing. As a result, their business development capabilities are often seriously underdeveloped. And without those skills they struggle to attract the quantity or quality of clients they need to have a prosperous and fulfilling business.

Do any of these scenarios sound like your situation?

  • I've been in business for a number of years and grown successfully through word of mouth and referrals. But now things are getting tougher and new business is drying up. I don't know what other approaches to use to find new clients”.
  • I've met a lot of people through networking and other events – and I've had a lot of interesting follow-up meetings. But I just can't seem to convert these contacts and meetings into real paid work. I need a more effective approach for sales meetings and pitching for business”.
  • I've just set up my practice but I'm not sure which clients to focus on or what services to promote. I'm confident I can get sales once I'm face-to-face with a potential client – but I just don't know how to get in front of the right people“.
  • It feels like my business is out of control. We're doing great one month – in fact we struggle to staff engagements. But then the next month our pipeline is dry. I need to find a way of smoothing out all the peaks and troughs in our business”.
  • I've been doing great work with our clients for years – but I very rarely get many referrals. I know I should be getting more repeat business and more referrals – but I just don't know how to make it happen”.
  • I feel really uncomfortable selling and promoting myself and my firm. I don't know what to say when I meet prospects and I just don't want to become one of those awful pushy salespeople”.
  • We seem to be losing ground with our bigger clients. The way they buy seems so much more complex nowadays and we seem to be out of the loop most of the time while our competitors seem to have access to all the right people”.

I work with my clients to address these and similar challenges. I help them get comfortable and competent at marketing and selling their professional services – allowing them to grow their practices and build fulfilling careers.

I like to work with individuals and organisations who really want to make a difference for their clients and in their profession. They need to be committed to improving, and to working collaboratively in partnership to develop solutions and plans tailored exactly to their needs. They need to be prepared to work hard – but to have fun doing so!

Although I'm based in the North West of England, my clients come from across the UK and overseas and we work together either face to face or by phone/Skype.

Find out more about what I do and the specific services I provide.

If you feel you might fit this profile, and you think I may be able to help you with some of the challenges you're facing, then why not contact me for an informal discussion. There's no commitment, and I won't try to push you into a sale – we'll just discuss your situation to see if working together might be a good fit.

You can call me on 0161 408 0984 or my mobile 07866 549 984.

Alternatively, you can contact me via the website Contact Form.

Best Regards,

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie teaches consultants, coaches and other professionals to attract and win their ideal clients by becoming seen as authorities in their field.