A Very Different Type of Lead Magnet

A Very Different Type of Lead Magnet


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A Very Different Type of Lead Magnet

In last week's video I showed you a technique for making your Lead Magnets stand out.

This week we're going to take that further and look at how to create a very different type of lead magnet. Something that's particularly powerful for high-value clients.

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Video Transcript

Hi – it’s Ian here.

Welcome to another episode of More Clients TV and another lead generation Tip.

Last week I promised you another video on lead magnets with a very different approach.

This is going to require you to think outside the box a bit. Because basically, when we think about lead magnets normally we constrain our thinking to some form of free information. So a free report, a video series, a checklist, an online tool. And we think of those type of lead magnets because they’re relatively easy, they’re scalable, and those are the types of lead magnet that the people who teach us about lead magnets use themselves – because they’re largely in the information business.

But if you go back to first principles and think about what a lead magnet it, it’s really just something that motivates a potential client to connect with you so you can follow up with them. It can be anything that they would find valuable. It doesn’t have to be free information.

So a simple example of that would be to create an online community for your potential clients where they can exchange ideas and help each other out. If you can make that community really valuable for members then it can be a lead magnet and you’ll find the members themselves promote it for you.

Extending that idea, if you work with local businesses face to face then setting up, inviting them to and facilitating a mastermind group could be something they would find tremendously valuable. And because you get to talk to them personally on a regular basis as part of that it’s an even better way of following up than the normal email marketing that follows a traditional lead magnet.

A similar idea is one an old client of mine used to use. They’d host regular dinners for their clients and ex-clients who were all senior leaders in a range of organisations. And they’d encourage them to invite along other CEOs and senior people they knew.

So they always had a good mix of potential clients in there. The networking was great for the attendees at those events and they always learnt something, There was no overt selling but it positioned the hosts as leaders in their field and gave them an opportunity to follow-up after the events.

If you work in a field like marketing where what your potential clients would value is more visibility and exposure to their customers, your lead magnet could be a podcast or a newsletter type thing where you interview them about their business and their story so they’ve got something they can use in their own PR.

Now there are two things going on with these types of non-traditional lead magnets.

The first is that by thinking outside the box you end up with a lead magnet that is completely different to what everyone else is doing. So it really stands out and gets you noticed.

The second thing is that if you are targeting high-value clients, you can afford to invest time and money into your lead magnet. You don’t need it to be a zero marginal cost thing like a PDF or a video – you can afford to strategically invest some of your time to attract and nurture a high-value client. You’ve got more flexibility – so use it.

Now, of course, the particular examples I’ve used might well not work for your business.

What’s important is the principle. Start by thinking about what your potential clients value and then think creatively about how you could offer it to them – it doesn’t have to be a report or a video or any of the traditional forms of lead magnet. It can be anything you can do at a reasonable cost that’s going to be attractive to them and help you begin your relationship.

And by going beyond what everyone else is doing they’re really going to notice you.

If you want a lead magnet that really has a big impact it’s a great place to start.

See you next week.

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie teaches consultants, coaches and other professionals to attract and win the clients they need using Value-Based Marketing - an approach to marketing based around delivering value, demonstrating your capabilities and earning trust through your marketing.