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How Value Trumps Relationships (When it comes to Winning New Clients)

Posted on 22nd February 2016. Value Trumps Relatonsips

We all know that relationships are vital when clients come to choose a supplier to work with. That's why it makes sense to make building relationships a core part of your marketing.

But if you're trying to win a new client who already has an existing supplier they may have been working with for years, then unless that supplier messes up or is basically “asleep at the wheel”, you'll find it incredibly difficult to “out-relationship” them.

Instead, you're better off focusing on trying to “out-value” them. I explain why and how in this 5 minute marketing tip video…
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The Simple Strategy For Building Relationships Fast That Almost Everyone Gets Wrong

Posted on 10th October 2012.

(This blog post was named as “Blog Post of the Year” for 2012 at the Top Sales and Marketing Awards – enjoy!)

If you want to succeed as a consultant, coach or in any profession, you need to be able to build strong relationships with your potential clients.

There's an approach to building relationships that helps to get them established fast. Yet almost everyone gets it completely backwards (me included). In this episode of More Clients TV I show you what it is and how to apply it.