ReviewTrust Review: Automate the Process of Getting Reviews and Testimonials

If you want to get more sales, the fastest route can often be to simply increase trust.

If more people believe that your product or service really will do all the wonderful things you say it will, and if they believe that all the concerns they have are unfounded: they're going to buy.

And one of the fastest ways to increase trust is to have more testimonials and reviews.

People don't necessarily believe what you say – you're biased. But they'll believe what others say.

That's why in a recent eConsultancy study, 61% of customers said they read online reviews before making a purchase decision. And that resulted in an average sales uplift of 18% for those using reviews on their site.

Unfortunately, the process of getting reviews can be a complex and painful one.

Firstly you have to remember to ask for reviews. That's OK when you have just a few customers you work with personally. But impossible to manage if you have large numbers.

Secondly, you need to make it easy for customers to give you reviews and to store those reviews where you can find them (how many great testimonials or reviews have you had in the past that are now lost because you didn't write them down or you simply can't remember where they are).

Thirdly, you need to be able to display those reviews where you need them without the process being complicated and time-consuming. And you need the display to look top-notch too to have the right impact.

That's one of the reasons why so few people have lots of good reviews on their site. It's just too difficult to make it happen, and it relies on the frailties of human memory.

Enter ReviewTrust…

ReviewTrust Review: A Tool for Automating the Collection of Reviews

Like many other review systems, ReviewTrust provides a simple interface to allow customers to leave you reviews, and then for you to show those reviews on your website.

ReviewTrust Emails

ReviewTrust allows you to set up and tailor automatic emails to ask for reviews after your customers have bought from you.

But where ReviewTrust is different is the Automation – and that's what makes the difference.

Rather than you needing to remember to email requests to customers, ReviewTrust does it for you. It links to your e-commerce system/shopping cart so that when a product is purchased, it triggers ReviewTrust to email the new customer to ask for a review.

You can set up Reviewtrust to send customised emails to your new customer anywhere from 1 to 30 days after their purchase (you base this on how long it will normally take them to start seeing result from your product or service). You can then send up to 2 more follow-up emails if they don’t leave a review the first time.

Of course, you can also send customers directly to the ReviewTrust from your website, your email marketing system, or just personally. But the real power comes from the built-in automation which means once you've set it up, you'll start getting reviews on a regular basis without you needing to lift a finger.

Supported Ecommerce Systems

ReviewTrust integrates “out of the box” with the major ecommerce and shopping cart systems.

Pretty much all the popular ecommerce and shopping cart systems are supported (apparently if the system you use isn't supported they'll add it for you).

All that means that without needing to do any complex configuration yourself, you can start getting reviews on autopilot. Quite simply, that means many more reviews than you would have got doing it manually. And that means more trust and more sales.

You can configure the site to ask for a simple text review, or to allow video and audio reviews too.

Display Options for Reviews

ReviewTrust Ecommerce Display

A standard ReviewTrust e-commerce display.

Of course, once you've captured your reviews you need a way of displaying them on your site. With ReviewTrust you have 14 ways to display your reviews ranging from a typical “ecommerce” type display associated with products through pop-out sidebars and corner displays to “blog style” lists of reviews, “Facebook style” lists and simple one-off testimonial displays.

ReviewTrust Blog Style Display

The ReviewTrust “blog style” display.

Personally, I've stuck to the simpler displays like the blog display. It's more in keeping with my services than a more e-commerce style display which would be suited for selling lower cost or physical products.

Of course, all the colours are configurable, and for reviews where you've triggered the review request through a purchase on your shopping cart you can set a verified purchase badge to show next to each review. And you can set up a widget (other than the blog, facebook and basic ones) to have a link for visitors to leave a review too.

The reviews are displayed using a little javascript widget which you can put on your site or many external sites too.

Using ReviewTrust in Practice

So all those features sound great. They make it easy to set up and prompt customers to leave reviews, easy for those customers to do their review, and easy to display the reviews on your site. But does it work well in practice?

ReviewTrust in Practice

An example of ReviewTrust in use for my 5 Day Authority Challenge

As it turns out, the answer is an emphatic yes.

I implemented ReviewTrust for my 5 Day Authority Challenge by simply emailing current members and asking them to leave a review, and putting a review link in the Facebook group for the Challenge. Within a couple of days, I had over twenty 5 star reviews up and showing on the signup pages for the challenge, encouraging more people to join.

It took me about 5 minutes to set up the review page by typing in the details of the Challenge and uploading a logo. Then about another 10 minutes to send out an email and put the link on the Facebook group. Finally, it took less than 5 minutes to embed the display widget on my signup page.

I also added in an email to go out to all new Challenge members when they get to the final day to ask them to do a review. That took another 5 minutes as I just replicated the one-off email I sent out.

That's less than 30 minutes to have a professional looking review campaign up and running.

ReviewTrust Options

There are 3 options for buying ReviewTrust.

  1. Get ReviewTrust for a Single Site for a one-off payment of $197. This is the option to take if you just want reviews for your business as a whole (e.g. if you're a consultant, a coach or other service provider) or you just have one product you want to get reviews for.
  2. Get ReviewTrust for Unlimited sites/products for an annual payment of $297 (normally $497). This is the option to take if you have many products you want to get reviews for.
  3. Get ReviewTrust for Unlimited sites/products for a monthly payment of $39 (normally $97). This is the option to take if you're not quite sure whether ReviewTrust will work for you and you want to test it out over an extended period before fully committing (all the plans have a 14-day money back guarantee – this is for when you want to test it out for a couple of months before committing to the full annual fee).

My advice is to go through the same process as I did before buying: think “will the automatic collection and display of reviews benefit my business more than $197 (for a single product or your business as a whole) or $297 a year (for multiple products)?”

I decided it certainly would, which is why I'm using ReviewTrust.

You can check out the details of the individual ReviewTrust packages here:

Check out the ReviewTrust Packages »

The Missing Link

If you've picked up so far that I'm a fan of ReviewTrust then you'd be right.

However, it's not perfect, there's one key thing I wish it did that it doesn't.

That's to add the star ratings from your reviews into “structured data” on your page so that they show in the Google search results next to your site.

As you can probably imagine, if someone sees your site in the Google search results and it has an average star rating of 4 or more stars showing up, they're far more likely to click through than to a site with no reviews showing. And they're going to be visiting the site already positively predisposed to buy.

Star Ratings in the Google Search Listings

I've spoken to the ReviewTrust support team about this and they've added it to their feature list for consideration in the future. But given the positive impact star ratings showing up in search can have, it's something you really want to get now if you can.

That's why I've created a short video showing you how you can get the ratings from your ReviewTrust reviews to show up in the Google listings. It's a free bonus you can get if you buy ReviewTrust through my link here:

>>> Sign Up for ReviewTrust <<<   If you choose to buy any of the ReviewTrust packages you'll be able to download my video which shows you a quick and easy way of getting your ReviewTrust star ratings to show up in Google searches. I hope you find it helpful and I look forward to seeing your star ratings shining out from the Google search listings very soon! *If you buy ReviewTrust through my link and get the bonus, I'll get a commission. It's a bit like buying me a few beers to say thanks :)

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie teaches consultants, coaches and other professionals to attract and win their ideal clients by becoming seen as authorities in their field.