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The Goals of the Rapid Results Program

The goal of the Rapid Results Program is simple. It's to get you an effective marketing system up and running quickly, generating leads, and turning those leads into clients.

That means you can grow your business, you can work with clients you love on projects that excite you, you can get the respect of your peers, and you can be confident that you're not going to go through all sorts of rollercoaster peaks and troughs but instead you've got a healthy, vibrant business that's delivering you the kind of work you want to do and the kind of life you want to lead.

The program is designed to be easy and quick for you to implement.

There are ten mini-courses covering all the key aspects of marketing and sales for a service based business. All the lessons are around 5-20 minutes or so long and there are exercises and examples so you can make progress fast.

We start with a "quick start" section which is all about establishing a realistic goal for the program, getting you some quick wins that will start to get leads and clients for you before you've even finished the program, and most importantly, showing you how to carve out time in your schedule so you have time to do the marketing you need.

Then we start the program proper with the foundation level which is really the core that sets you up for long-term success. The first module there is the "nichefinder" where we use the three key criteria of Economics, Experience and Enthusiasm to identify a viable niche for you to focus your marketing on.

Next is the "insight builder" where we build deep understanding of your target clients' goals, aspiration, problems and challenges along with what they need to know and feel to be ready to hire you. This will make sure all your marketing "hits the spot" and delivers value to your potential clients.

The final foundation module is where we craft a powerful value proposition that articulates to your ideal clients exactly why they should hire you and why you're a better choice than any of your competitors. Your value proposition forms the core of  your identity both online on your website and social profiles, and how you first interact with potential clients.

The next step is Lead Generation where you make that vital first contact with potential clients. In the Rapid Results Program we start by creating a compelling Lead Magnet that will attract your ideal clients, deliver value in advance of working with you, and establish your credibility with them.

Once you have your Lead Magnet, you need to be able to deliver it to potential clients who are interested. So in the Lead Magnet Delivery module we create the optin, thank you and download pages you'll need; along with the initial emails to send to your new leads to begin engaging with them and moving them towards becoming clients.

The final step of Lead Generation is, of course, to get your Lead Magnet in front of potential clients to give them the chance to connect and become leads.  In the Rapid Results program we focus on getting things moving fast - se we focus on your very highest potential clients  - and the ones most likely to sign up with you here.

Now you're beginning to generate leads you need to start nurturing them. For most high value services, the vast majority of your potential clients - even the very best ones - won't be ready to buy initially. You need to keep in touch and keep adding value until the time is right and you're the first person they turn to.

In addition to the work you do personally nurturing your relationships with your highest potential clients you'll also want to keep in touch and keep top of mind with your other prospects. But because they're not such high potential, you'll want to automate this as much as possible with email marketing.

Finally, once you've nurtured your relationships so that your potential clients are ready to buy, you need to have conversations with them to enrol them as clients. Yep you need to actually speak to them - and this module shows you exactly how to prepare for and have those value-adding sales conversations.

A complete and sustainable marketing system - implemented in 10 weeks

The Rapid Results program will build a marketing system that generates a steady flow of leads and clients for you. And if you can dedicate half a day a week to this, you should be able to complete at least a module every week. 

More importantly, it's a system that any smart professional can implement and use week in, week out. That's because it harnesses your expertise and ability to deliver value to your clients rather than being all about marketing "hacks" or slick sales techniques.

You can sign up for the Rapid Results Program using the button below - or drop me a message if you have any questions.

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