My Products

I've developed a series of online training products to help busy professionals learn simple, practical methods to attract and win clients.

New: Build Your Own Client-Winning Website

Your website is the “central hub” of your marketing. It's the first place people come to find out more about you, and it plays a core role in generating leads through content marketing. Yet so many small and solo businesses websites actively repel clients rather than attract them.

In an ideal world, you'd be able to hire a marketing-savvy web developer to create a great website for you without it costing the earth. In the real world, web designers who understand marketing are few and far between and can charge a huge premium.

A solid alternative if you have decent technical skills and the time available is to build your own site. It's what I do.

In the Build Your Own Client-Winning Website Course I show you the most effective designs for a professional website today and how to implement those designs on your own site using WordPress.

The course covers the best designs for your Home Page, About Me page, Contact Me page, your Services page, your blog and high-converting Landing Pages. I show you exactly how to build those pages using the Thrive Landing Pages plugin, and I give you templates for each of the designs you can upload to get you started so you just need to “fill in the blanks” rather than build them from scratch.

I also show you how to describe your value proposition on the home page, and what to include on each of the other pages to maximise your chances of turning a website visitor into a paying client.

The complete program is just $97 (+20% VAT for UK/EU citizens).
Click here for more details.

Please note: to use the templates and get the most from the course you'll need a copy of Thrive Landing Pages. You can get a copy through my link here: Thrive Landing Pages.

PS If you're already a Momentum Club member, the Client Winning Websites program is included for free in the Bonus section.


Re-Ignite is the fastest route to kick-start any business into growth.

It focuses on finding the potential clients who are the most likely to be ready to buy quickly and then accelerates your relationship building with them.

It starts with a simple email and gets you quickly into sales meetings and calls with potential clients – often in 48 hours or less.

The complete program is just $47 (+20% VAT for UK/EU citizens). Click here for more details.

30 Days to a Steady Flow of Leads and Clients

30 Days to a Steady Flow of Leads and Clients is the ideal starting point for consultants, coaches and other professionals looking to break free from the “feast or famine” cycle and create a consistent pipeline of high quality clients.

You'll get a day-by-day guide to building an effective marketing system – both online and offline – that will start generating leads and clients in 30 days or less. And because I know how busy you are, it's designed to need only 60-90 minutes per day over those first 30 days to get your system up and running.

The complete program is just $197 (+20% VAT for UK/EU citizens). Click here for more details.

Momentum Club

My flagship program is Momentum Club where I share the most effective methods for winning clients via detailed training videos, live webinars and marketing critiques.

Members get immediate access to all my step-by-step guides on how to generate leads, nurture relationship, and convert potential clients into paying clients.

We cover everything from face to face networking and presentations to websites, social media and pay-per-click, through email marketing and personal nurturing, to sales meetings and webinars.

There's also a monthly “hot topic” webinar and a forum where I answer any marketing and sales related questions from members. And after a month of membership, you get to submit one piece of marketing a month to me for detailed personal feedback.

Membership is just $97 per month (+ 20% VAT for UK/EU citizens). Click here for more details.

Selling to Corporates

Selling To Corporates is a complete guide for small firms and solo professionals on how to win corporate clients.

It takes you through each of the key stages in the process, including:

  • Identifying and finding the best corporate clients for you
  • Creating a compelling, tailored value proposition for those clients so that your message stands out from the crowd
  • Creating detailed account plans that focus on the critical success factors for landing big clients
  • Using the Dream 100 and Perfect 10 strategies to concentrate your marketing to create maximum impact
  • How to use “High Value Briefings” to motivate potential clients to want to meet with you
  • Which approaches work best to connect with corporate executives, from referrals to presentations to cold emails and direct mail (and how to choose the right approaches for you)
  • How to rapidly expand your contact network with in a client organisation and build credibility and trust for when those clients are ready to buy
  • How to handle sales meetings so that clients value them and you work in partnership to decide whether to move forwards (rather than you just being grilled on your capabilities)
  • How to work decision networks in corporate organisations to onboard the key decision makers and influencers to move your engagement forward
  • How to write successful proposals and deliver winning presentations
  • How to work effectively with procurement to ensure your proposal makes it through all the official hoops

The complete program is $497 (+20% VAT for UK/EU citizens). Click here for more details.