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If you're on this page then I'm guessing that you want to get more clients.

But if you're anything like me, you're probably not a natural salesperson.

You don't enjoy all that networking and schmoozing. And you'd much rather be working with clients than spending all your time posting on Facebook or accepting endless connection requests on LinkedIn hoping it will turn into something.

A steady flow of clients is the lifeblood of any small firm. Yet many of us suffer from huge peaks and troughs in our income and often struggle to get all the clients we need - despite being brilliant at what we do.

When I first started my own business after nearly 20 years in industry and working for big consulting firms I assumed that winning clients would be fairly simple. After all, I had tremendous value to offer and a great track record.

Of course, it didn't turn out to be so easy.

I did well early on from referrals and work with people who knew me. But when that began to run dry I was in trouble.

What I didn't have was a system for bringing in new leads and clients on a consistent basis. And I was overwhelmed with all the options and all the conflicting advice I heard from "experts" at every corner.

Eventually, after much trial and error and thanks to help from some brilliant mentors, I found a few simple methods that worked well for me.

Later on, when I started helping other consultants and coaches I discovered that these simple techniques worked brilliantly well for them too. I started getting feedback that they were getting meetings with clients within a few days, and were landing contracts and winning new business within weeks.

More importantly, they were putting in place sustainable marketing systems that helped them generate a steady stream of leads and clients on a regular basis.

That's when I decided I would share those techniques more widely, and Momentum Club was born.

The techniques in Momentum Club helped one member double her business in a year and then again the next year. And another have his best month in business ever in his first month as a member.

Chances are, those same strategies, techniques and tools can work for you too.

How To Win More Clients - Sustainably and Consistently

If you want to win more clients on a consistent basis, not just through intensive one-off efforts or "method of the month" initiatives, then you need three critical things in place in your business:

A Systematic Process for Attracting, Nurturing and Winning Clients

A Menu of Marketing Strategies - allowing you to select the ones that work for you and your clients

Support and Guidance to help you refine and improve your marketing and ensure you get results

A Systematic Process

If you suffer from big peaks and troughs in your income, then the chances are it's because your marketing is ad-hoc. Without a systematic process providing a heartbeat for your marketing you end up skipping key activities when you're busy with clients, and then rushing trying to fill the pipeline when you're not.

And although it doesn't sound sexy, and it's certainly not a silver bullet, a systematic process for marketing that ensures all your key activities are done consistently is really the foundation of sustainable business growth.  

A Menu of Marketing Strategies

If you've bought programs before that claim to help you get more clients you'll know that most of them are focused on "flavour of the month" methods.  

The problem is that these silver bullets usually don't work for everyone, and they almost always lose effectiveness over time. Whether it's guest blogging, live video, Facebook ads, webinars; no one strategy works universally well for everyone. Especially since most are designed and taught by full-time online marketers with little understanding of the type of clients that you and I work with.

You need to find the strategies that work for your specific clients and that you're comfortable and confident at using. That means you need a menu of marketing strategies to pick from so you can choose the ones that work for you and you can "mix and match" to get the best results. 

And you need marketing strategies that are designed to be implemented by busy professionals like you with clients to work with, not full-time online marketers who can spend all day on social media, writing huge articles every day or implementing complex "funnels".

Support and Guidance

No matter how smart you are, and no matter how good the strategies you're implementing are, they'll always need to be refined and adapted for your unique situation. That's where support and guidance from people who've been in your situation is worth its weight in gold.

Being able to ask questions and get insightful feedback means you'll avoid all the pitfalls and start getting results much faster than trying to implement on your own. 

And just as importantly, having the support and encouragement of a team of people on a similar path to you will motivate and drive you forward to even higher levels of success.

Working Together

Whatever course, membership program, coaching or training you sign up for you need to make sure that it delivers on these three critical areas for you. Each one is needed to help you reach your goals as fast as possible.

Without a Systematic Process for Attracting, Nurturing and Winning Clients, you'll get an initial flush of results, but then drift back into the rollercoaster of peaks and troughs that comes with ad-hoc marketing.

Without a Menu of Marketing Strategies you'll spend your time trying to get methods not really suitable for you or your clients to work. You'll be left frustrated as the techniques that seem to work well for others just don't deliver the results you need. Or you'll have initial success only to see it fade away as the "flavour of the month" goes out of fashion.

And without effective Support and Guidance you'll take way longer than needed as you have to re-invent the wheel and figure things out for yourself instead of following well-worn shortcuts. 

All three of these critical areas are necessary. And that's what I've ensured you get in Momentum Club...

Your Complete Guide To Building a Sustainable Marketing System That Will Get You More Clients

Momentum Club is where I share the most effective marketing and sales strategies for consultants, coaches, trainers and other professionals. These are tested, proven approaches to winning clients that have worked for me and my clients over the years. They get results.

And because the techniques are based on using your expertise and experience to add value to your clients through your marketing, they can be used by any professional without needing to be a natural extrovert or to resort to pushy sales techniques. 

After a very short time in Momentum Club I had my ever best revenue month. I mean best EVER - since being self employed or previously being in employment.

Steve Nicholls

Managing Director, Executive Connexions
Serena Humphrey Managing Director The F-Word

The hardest part of my 19 years in business so far has been marketing. I knew it was the secret to consistent income and profit, but I didn't understand it and was scared of it. I spent thousands on so-called experts, none of whom had a clue how to market my business.

Then I found Ian! Ian Brodie is literally the only person I have ever encountered who truly understands marketing, marketing strategy and how to execute that strategy consistently. and he's incredibly generous with his ideas, insights and has a genuine desire to help people.

My business now has a steady flow of leads, and consistent predictable profits - the holy grail of every business. I recommend Ian to everyone I work with and many of my clients follow his fantastic blog and use his Momentum Club.

Practical, Proven, Client Winning Strategies That Get Results

Momentum Club is built to get you results fast. You start with the Rapid Results Program focused on getting you an effective marketing system up and running quickly, generating leads, and turning those leads into clients.

The Momentum Club Rapid Results Program

The program is designed to be easy and quick for you to implement. There are ten mini-courses covering all the key aspects of marketing and sales for a service based business. All the lessons are around 5-20 minutes or so long and there are exercises and examples so you can make progress fast.

We start with a "quick start" section which is all about establishing a realistic goal for the program, getting you some quick wins that will start to get leads and clients for you before you've even finished the program, and most importantly, showing you how to carve out time in your schedule so you have time to do the marketing you need.

Then we start the program proper with the foundation level which is really the core that sets you up for long-term success. The first module there is the "nichefinder" where we use the three key criteria of Economics, Experience and Enthusiasm to identify a viable niche for you to focus your marketing on.

Next is the "insight builder" where we build deep understanding of your target clients' goals, aspiration, problems and challenges along with what they need to know and feel to be ready to hire you. This will make sure all your marketing "hits the spot" and delivers value to your potential clients.

The final foundation module is where we craft a powerful value proposition that articulates to your ideal clients exactly why they should hire you and why you're a better choice than any of your competitors. Your value proposition forms the core of your identity both online on your website and social profiles, and how you first interact with potential clients.

The next step is Lead Generation where you make that vital first contact with potential clients. In the Rapid Results Program we start by creating a compelling Lead Magnet that will attract your ideal clients, deliver value in advance of working with you, and establish your credibility with them.

Once you have your Lead Magnet, you need to be able to deliver it to potential clients who are interested. So in the Lead Magnet Delivery module we create the optin, thank you and download pages you'll need; along with the initial emails to send to your new leads to begin engaging with them and moving them towards becoming clients.

The final step of Lead Generation is, of course, to get your Lead Magnet in front of potential clients to give them the chance to connect and become leads. In the Rapid Results program we focus on getting things moving fast - se we focus on your very highest potential clients - and the ones most likely to sign up with you here.

Now you're beginning to generate leads you need to start nurturing them. For most high value services, the vast majority of your potential clients - even the very best ones - won't be ready to buy initially. You need to keep in touch and keep adding value until the time is right and you're the first person they turn to.

In addition to the work you do personally nurturing your relationships with your highest potential clients you'll also want to keep in touch and keep top of mind with your other prospects. But because they're not such high potential, you'll want to automate this as much as possible with email marketing.

Finally, once you've nurtured your relationships so that your potential clients are ready to buy, you need to have conversations with them to enrol them as clients. Yep you need to actually speak to them - and this module shows you exactly how to prepare for and have those value-adding sales conversations.

A complete and sustainable marketing system - implemented in 10 weeks

The Rapid Results program will build a marketing system that generates a steady flow of leads and clients for you. And if you can dedicate half a day a week to this, you should be able to complete at least a module every week: 10 weeks overall. 

More importantly, it's a system that any smart professional can implement and use week in, week out. That's because it harnesses your expertise and ability to deliver value to your clients rather than being all about marketing "hacks" or slick sales techniques.

Once you've "graduated" from the Rapid Results program you can use any of the other resources in Momentum Club to keep growing and enhancing your results.

Dan Pfister Founder,

After 20 years in marketing, I’ve been through many programs and the Momentum Club is the best business building program I’ve ever been in – it’s truly a breed apart.

Momentum Club: Elevating Your Business to the Next Level

The additional resources in Momentum Club then allow you to improve and enhance all the aspects of your core marketing system. You can add additional lead generation methods, improve your nurturing, or implement new ways of converting prospects into clients.

Momentum Club includes step-by-step tutorials on:

  • The "Marketing Success Mindset"
  • Prioritising which marketing strategies will work best for you
  • Resurrecting your old contacts
  • Using "host beneficiary seminars" to find new clients
  • How to make face-to-face networking pay
  • Direct Mail strategies that work
  • The "Dream 100" Strategy for high value clients
  • How to get more website visitors
  • Make your website a "lead generating machine"
  • Using Google Adwords for targeted leads
  • Facebook Advertising Strategies
  • The Twitter Traffic Strategy
  • Content Marketing to generate leads
  • Linkedin Advertising
  • Additional personal nurture strategies to build relationships with high value clients
  • How to get more email subscribers
  • How to follow-up on key events
  • Your "First 30 Days" email sequence
  • The different types of sales meetings - and how to handle each one
  • Using strategy sessions to onboard new clients
  • How to sell (while adding value) using webinars
  • Using Virtual Summits to build your subscriber list while building authority in your marketplace and making a profit
  • Building your own website
  • Joint ventures and partnerships
  • Selling to corporates
  • Creating your own online products and membership programs
  • Video marketing
  • Marketing productivity tips

Tools, Templates and Examples

Momentum Club is full of tools and templates that you can "cut and paste" to use yourself as part of your own marketing. 

Sample letters, website guidelines, marketing performance analysis spreadsheets, best practice checklists, web page templates you can upload directly to your site, email templates you can copy directly into your email system then tweak to fit your business.

Designed based on proven best practices to save you hours of trial and error and “reinventing the wheel”.

Monthly Live Webinars

Every month I host a Momentum Club Marketing Masterclass webinar.

You can interact and ask questions about the specific topic, or anything you need help with. So you can get feedback on anything you’re trying, a new idea you’ve had, or any question you have about marketing and sales generally.

You can also submit one piece of your marketing each month for me to critique on the webinars. So that could be anything from a web page to a clip from a video to an email you're thinking of sending out, or the way you introduce yourself at events.

You'll get detailed, personalised feedback to allow you to make immediate improvements.

Alex Hutchinson Director, TBA Group

I've just watched the Marketing Critique - probably the most valuable and productive 15 minutes I've spent on our business development plan. Excellent advice, right on point and VERY valuable recommendations so I can make real changes immediately. MUCH appreciated and that alone is worth a year of Momentum Club membership.

All Your Marketing and Sales Questions Answered

We have a private group on Facebook for Momentum Club members only. 

In the group you can ask any question about marketing and sales and I'll answer you, but perhaps even more importantly, the other members of Momentum Club will share their experiences and ideas. There are some really smart, experienced business people in Momentum Club. Getting their input on what's worked (or not worked) for them could save you months of trial and error and get you to a solution you might never have come up with at all yourself.

Only Momentum Club members can see the posts. But if you're not a big Facebook user or have something you want feedback on you can't share in public then you can get direct support from me via my personal email address.

Who Is Momentum Club For? (And Who Is It Not For?)

Hopefully by now you'll have got a reasonable idea of whether Momentum Club will provide the kind of support you're looking for in your business.

But I have to say at this point that it's definitely not for everyone.

Momentum Club is not generic training about marketing and sales for all sorts of businesses - it’s specifically for consultants, coaches, trainers and professional service providers who either deliver a service in person, remotely, or who share their expertise through online training.

It’s also absolutely not some kind of get rich quick scheme. This is something for people who have genuine value to add to their clients and who want to get more of them in the simplest, easiest ways possible - but are prepared to put the time and effort into learning how to do that.

And this is not something for you to buy then leave on the shelf. This is for you to actively use to get you more clients. You need to be ready to devote at least a couple of hours a week to Momentum Club, either on the site learning new things, or in your business implementing those new strategies and techniques to attract and win more clients.

And, frankly, this is not for you if you're down to your last penny and the monthly price would be a stretch for you. I want you to be full of energy, focused on getting new clients not worrying about whether you can afford it every month. So if you're not in a position where this is easily affordable for you, focus on my free material to help you grow your business and come back to Momentum Club when you're ready.

There’s a guiding ethos in Momentum Club too. I recently asked the members what their guiding principles were in business and the things I heard back the most were all about integrity, helping others, adding value and enjoying the journey.

So if that sounds like you, and you want the best training and support available to help you get more clients, then Momentum Club could be for you. Read on to find out how you can get access to Momentum Club for just $97 per month.

Get Access to Everything in Momentum Club for Just $97 per month

As you've just heard, Momentum Club is a collection of my very best training and resources to help you get more clients and set up a systematic marketing process that will keep on bringing you clients on a regular basis.

If you wanted to get the experience, knowledge, step-by-step guides, templates and feedback on what you’re doing that you get from Momentum Club - then one way you could do it would be to go to my website and book up for as many 90 minute calls with me at $997 per call as it would take (and it would probably take quite a few).

Or you could sign up for Momentum Club at just $97 per month.

You get all the modules, all the training, all the detailed guides and templates. You can ask questions in the private group. You can come to the webinars.

You can go through the whole Rapid Results program that normally costs $397.

All for $97 a month. No long-term commitments. No small print.

Sound good? I'd love to have you on board and to help you start winning more clients. Just click the button below and let's get going!

Ian Brodie

I was one of the first members of Ian’s Momentum Club and I’m still a member.


Even though I run a successful marketing consultancy I find Momentum Club to be incredible value for money. I’m able to read about the latest strategies, techniques and tactics Ian is constantly testing as well as explore older ideas where my expertise is tested. There is a wealth of online content available from the day you trial Momentum Club.

As a member I have access to a community of members that act as a mastermind group, can get Ian to critique my marketing efforts on a monthly basis, and attend live webinars where I get answers to even more of the questions I pose. Members seem to be drawn from a huge range of businesses and the advice and help given seems to match their needs perfectly.

Stefan Drew

"The Marketing Magician"


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Momentum Club:

Will Momentum Club work for my type of business?

Do I get access to all the resources straight away?

Am I agreeing to some kind of contract or long term commitment?

What if I'm not a natural extrovert and I'm not confident at marketing and sales?

How much time will I need to devote to Momentum Club?

What kind of live support do you provide?