Ian Brodie
Hi - Ian Brodie here...

I've been a consultant and coach for over 22 years, 9 of them running my own business helping other consultants, coaches and trainers to attract and win more clients and grow their businesses.

And I can say from that experience that without a shadow of a doubt the biggest frustration, the biggest source of misery for consultants, coaches, trainers and other professionals...

...is that they have so much to offer to clients - so much talent and energy and passion - and yet in their own businesses they end up lurching from feast to famine.

All because they struggle to generate enough leads and enough clients on a consistent basis.

​It was something that was a real challenge for me too when I first started out. I was overwhelmed with all the options and all the conflicting advice I heard from "experts" at every corner.

And I didn't want to become the "pushy salesperson" type that so much of the well-meaning advice need​ed me to be.

What I really wanted were some simple "non-salesy" techniques, just to get me going. To get me in front of potential clients in need of my services.

I knew I could do the rest from there.​

Eventually​, after much trial and error and a lot of painful experiences, I found some simple methods that worked well for me. 

Later on, when I started helping other consultants and coaches I discovered that these simple techniques worked brilliantly well for them too. I started getting feedback that they were getting meetings with clients within a few days, and were landing contracts and winning new business within weeks.

More importantly, they ​were putting in place sustainable marketing systems that helped them generate a steady stream of leads and clients on a regular basis.

​That's when I decided I would share those techniques more widely, and Momentum Club was born.

The techniques in Momentum Club helped one member double her business in a year​ and then again the next year. And another have his best month in business ever in his first month as a member.

Chances are, those same strategies, techniques and tools can work for you too.