Would You Like Me to Personally Help You Grow Your Business?

Ian Brodie
Hi - Ian Brodie here...

If you’re reading this then the chances are you’re looking for more direct support to help you get more clients, faster for your business.

And you probably already know that 1-1 coaching is *the* most effective route to getting results and building a sustainable business.


Because you get access to independent, expert guidance that’s tailored to your specific situation.

By working with an experienced coach who’s “been there” you get to cut through all the waffle, all the things you could be doing to better market your business and instead laser-focus in on the the things you should be doing. The things that’ll bring you the best results fast.

60 Minute “Marketing Intensive” Session

If you’re working on a project or marketing campaign and want to make it more successful and get better results.

Or you’re starting up a new business and want to make sure you head in the right direction and make the fastest progress possible.

Or if you’ve got some specific questions on marketing or sales to help you attract and win more clients. Or you want pointers on the best ways of getting started with online marketing or making a bigger impact.

Then the best option for you is probably a one-off Marketing Intensive session.

We’ll get on the phone or Skype for 60 minutes to discuss your most pressing marketing or sales problem, review potential solutions, and help you get clear on where you want to go with your business and how to get there.

Getting expert input can save you months of time and get you straight to the results you’re looking for.

Some of the 1-1 sessions I've had with clients have covered:

  • Figuring out your niche and refining your client “value proposition”
  • Selecting the highest potential marketing approaches and tactics for you and your clients
  • Developing the right marketing messages
  • Designing a marketing and business development action plan
  • Turning your website into a genuine lead generation “machine” for you
  • Implementing effective keep-in-touch and nurture marketing strategies

Easily the best session on marketing I have done with anyone: stimulating, full of ideas and now a whole raft of activities are going on as a result.

Sean Lapham
Partner, Mitchell Phoenix

A one-to-one Marketing Intensive session with me is $1,000 (Approx £800) + VAT if in UK/EU.

As you can imagine, I only have time for a very limited number of Marketing Intensive sessions per month (usually at most 1-2).

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