[Podcast] Mark Williams on the Big Upcoming Changes in Linkedin

[Podcast] Mark Williams on the Big Upcoming Changes in Linkedin


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[Podcast] Mark Williams on the Big Upcoming Changes in Linkedin

If you market and sell your services to other businesses then the chances are you use Linkedin. Probably a lot.

If you know how to use it, it can be a really effective system for finding contacts and referrers to begin a high-value relationship with. And someone visiting your profile can be the first step towards them making contact.

But the whole Linkedin interface is about to change…

Only 22% of Linkedin users are active once a month or more frequently. Contrast that with 66% of Facebook's 1.79 Billion users who are active daily and you can see that Linkedin has a big activity problem.

The way they aim to address it is by simplifying the interface. Making it easier to use for the majority of basic users who they hope will then use it more.

But the flip side of simplifying the interface is that they'll be taking features away and making it more restrictive. If you're a frequent Linkedin user you'll find that many things you rely on now (like Advanced Search) are going away or changing significantly.

On this episode of the More Clients Podcast I interview the UK's “Mr Linkedin” Mark Williams. Mark has been training businesses in how to use Linkedin since 2008 and he runs the Linkedinformed podcast where other Linkedin trainers and advanced users go to find out the latest news and tips on Linkedin.

Mark has had special access to the new Linkedin interface since October last year, and in this interview he walks us through all the significant changes in Linkedin we'll see when the new interface is rolled out widely (scheduled to be completed in May this year).

He covers what the changes are, how it impacts the key things you might want to do on Linkedin, and what you can do to prepare for the changes or deal with them when they happen.

If you're a serious Linkedin user you MUST listen to this podcast and in many cases take action before the changes hit you.

Mark's Winbusinessin website on how to win new business with Linkedin is here and you can sign up for his regular updates on new Linkedin features and how to best use them here.

You can see Mark's video on how to search effectively using the new interface here (I suggest you bookmark it and come back to it when you get the new interface).

And finally, his 5C System for winning business on Linkedin is here.

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