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You can download your completely free copy of my bestselling book Email Persuasion below.

No optin needed. No fancy retargeting pixels. Just download it free.

It's my small way of contributing and helping you as we all enter a long period of uncertainty and potential turmoil.

Remote working and remote marketing are becoming the "new normal". And the ultimate remote marketing tool – one that doesn’t need a super fast broadband, a hi-def webcam or a fancy microphone and complex software - is email. That’s why I decided to give this book to you completely free in this time of need.

Email has long been – and still is – perhaps the highest ROI marketing tool there is. Email Persuasion will show you how to get the most from that tool.

It's got over 200 five star reviews on Amazon worldwide where it sells for $15.99/£9.99, but you can get it completely free here.

Just click on the book image or link below and you can download a PDF copy of the book to your computer or device.

Download Email Persuasion FREE

And please do feel free to share this with friends, colleagues and anyone you think would benefit from it.  

Stay safe.

Ian Brodie

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