The Proven Path To Building Authority

- Part 3: So Good They Can't Ignore You -

Ian Brodie
Hi - Ian Brodie here...

Do you remember that moment on Britain's Got Talent back in 2009 where a frumpy middle-aged woman opened her mouth, started to sing, and Simon Cowell's jaw just dropped?

You probably didn't see it live. But like over 200 million people, you might well have caught the "Susan Boyle moment" on Youtube or social media somewhere.

It's a great illustration that despite the importance of how they look, how they dress or how they talk, at the end of the day the impact of a singer really comes down to how well they can sing.

Or as Steve Martin put it in an interview on the Charlie Rose show in 2007, "Nobody ever takes notice [of my advice for aspiring performers on how to get noticed] because it's not the answer they want to hear. What they want to hear is 'Here's how you get an agent. Here's how you write a script'. But I always say 'Be so good they can't ignore you'".

When it comes to getting visibility as an expert, getting people to take notice of our message and standing out from our competitors, we tend to follow a similar thought pattern. We look for tricks. Clever things we can do with our marketing. We wonder whether writing a book will get us in front of our target clients, or a blog or a podcast or live video. Or whether we can hire someone to make us more visible.

But at the end of the day, by far the most important thing if we want to get visible is to have something to say that demands and deserves attention. To be so good they can't ignore us.

Sure, great marketing helps. But it's a multiplier. It can add 20%, 50% or even double or treble the visibility we might naturally get.

But if our message isn't remarkable and noteworthy then and additional 20% or 300% of zero is still zero.

Sadly, most people who want to be seen as experts and authorities simply don't have anything interesting or remarkable enough to say to deserve that status.

Go to the website of these wannabe-experts and you'll either find nothing but a bunch of statements telling you how great they are, or a blog with the same tired old ideas that everyone in their field is peddling.

Nothing that makes people sit up and take notice. No "Susan Boyle moment".

If you want to get visibility as an expert, you must start by having something notable and different to say. I call it your Distinctive Point of View.

Your Distinctive Point of View

Your Distinctive Point of View is your take on the world in your area of expertise. It's the answer to the question "what's the best way to...?" in your field.

For me, it could be the answer to "what's the best way to win new clients?". This series of articles is my Distinctive Point of View on "what's the best way to become known as an authority in your field?" 

In yours it might be "what's the best way for leaders to inspire their teams?" or "what's the best way to develop leaders across an organisation?". Or "what's the best way to cut manufacturing costs without damaging quality?" or "what's the best way to get a product to market quickly?"

In other words, it's your unique approach to solving a big, important client problem.

A Distinctive Point of View positions you as an Authority in many ways:

  • It shows clients you know what you're talking about in the area of the point of view.
  • It marks you out as being different in that area.
  • It can trigger an "aha" moment where potential clients realise they need to do things differently, and hence need your help.
  • It's something interesting and useful that people can share with others - increasing your visibility (great articles with interesting points of view are often shared on social media, but no one ever shares testimonials or "about me" pages!)

Of course, creating a Distinctive Point of View isn't a piece of cake. Part of the challenge is that it's easy to take what you know for granted and assume everyone else knows it too. Getting to grips with the 20% of what you know that's really different to everyone else takes some doing.

That's why it's the first area of focus I work with Authority Breakthrough members on when they join the program. It has such a big impact.

I question and challenge them to drive to the real core of what they know and do that's different and will get them to stand out vs their competitors and lead naturally to getting more visibility.

After that, we work on how to package up that point of view and get it into the hands of their ideal clients.

You can read more about the program here.

Or you can click here to download my "Creating a Distinctive Point of View" workbook by here and look at some of the questions yourself. They'll help spark ideas for what would make a good Distinctive Point of View for you. 

That's it for now,

Next we'll be looking at the best ways of becoming more visible and getting your Distinctive Point of View noticed by your ideal clients.​ Click here to read the article.