Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie is the best-selling author of Email Persuasion and the creator of Unsnooze Your Inbox - *the* guide to crafting engaging emails and newsletters that captivate your audience, build authority and generate more sales.


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About Ian

So I should probably say right from the start that I really dislike long, self-promotional "about me" pages that waffle on about how great the person is or how they started from nothing to become a zillionaire and if you just pay them a bunch of money you can do the same.

But it might help a bit to tell you a bit more about me and what you can expect from me on this site.

Firstly, the important stuff. The kind of stuff that friends know:

I'm 55 years old. I live in Cheshire in the North of England. I'm married to the wonderful Kathy, and we have two children – Chris & Robs.

I also suffer from being a supporter of Newcastle United – so not surprisingly my mood varies significantly depending on how horrifically they have been playing or which dodgy billionaire has decided to buy us this month.

I've been a consultant since 1994. Before that, I had a proper job doing some techie R&D type stuff. But pretty much from the moment I started consulting and working with clients to help them improve their businesses, I knew this was what I wanted to do.

As I progressed in consulting I had to learn how to market and sell. Something which I was far from a natural at and really struggled with early on.

But thanks to some great mentors, some hard work, and a lot of trial and error I learnt what it takes for someone who isn't an extrovert and who doesn't feel comfortable “selling” to be successful at winning clients.

For the last few years I've focused on working with other consultants and coaches to teach them what I've learnt (and continue to learn) about how to win clients.

And in particular, how solo professionals and small firms can win clients without spending all their time on marketing or having to become some kind of technical genius to do so.

The sad truth is that most marketing and sales training for consultants is created by marketing specialists, not consultants. People who love marketing and spend most of their time on it – often with the aid of a full-time team.

That's very different to the reality for most professionals who focus primarily on their client work and need to fit their marketing around that.

For us, it's simply not practical to learn complex methodologies, highly technical systems for advertising on Facebook or Google, or approaches which involve spending all your time posting on social media.

What we need are simple, practical strategies we can implement quickly and fit into a busy working day.

We don't need to become super slick salespeople or professional marketers. We just need to use marketing strategies that harness our strengths: our expert knowledge in our fields and our work with clients.

So that's what I work on with my clients.

If that kind of approach feels like it could work for you then the best thing to do is grab my free “Value-Based Marketing Blueprint”. It'll show you exactly what you need to do to build your steady flow of leads and clients without needing to become a pushy salesperson, SEO expert, technical geek or professional content creator.

You can sign up for a free copy and my follow up client-winning tips by email by clicking here:

After you sign up you'll get an email with details of how to access the blueprint - along with my regular emails with tips and strategies for winning clients.

And talking of emails...

If you want to learn how to use email marketing to win clients while building authority and adding value, then check out my book Email Persuasion.

Over the last 5 years it's probably been the best selling book on email marketing on Amazon. it's certainly got the most 5-star reviews.

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    Ian Brodie

    Ian Brodie

    Ian Brodie is the best-selling author of Email Persuasion and the creator of Unsnooze Your Inbox - *the* guide to crafting engaging emails and newsletters that captivate your audience, build authority and generate more sales.