Get My Personal Support to Help You Become an Authority in Your Field 

If you're on this page then I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that becoming seen as an Authority in your field is the most effective route for consultants, coaches and other professionals to attract and win more high value clients.

And because it's an approach based on adding value to your clients and becoming their trusted advisor, it's a great fit for people like you and me who aren't natural salespeople and who don't want to spend all their time fiddling around with "funnels" or the latest marketing fad.  

Ian Brodie
Authority Breakthrough Results

The Authority Breakthrough Program is my flagship training and mentoring program where I work with you directly to help you become seen as an Authority in your field..

We work through each of the key steps in becoming seen as an Authority:

We build your Distinctive Point of View: the content that will position you as an Authority and make you stand out in the marketplace.

We create powerful Authority marketing campaigns that give value in advance to your ideal clients and reach them directly. 

We build a consistent follow-up system to deepen your Authority and build credibility and trust with your ideal clients.

As a direct result of this program I've done the most deep thinking I've ever done about my business model, my market, what I do and for who. Something that I think was only possible with the structured support and guidance of this program. I've got the clearest business model I've ever had, and without doubt the best website and clearest most focussed offer I’ve ever had. The feedback I've had is excellent and my blog sign-ups have increased, leading to more prospect conversations and new business.

I’ve been flat out busy since I did this program!

I would recommend Ian’s Authority program to anyone serious about their marketing. Its no magic bullet but works brilliantly if you put the work in. Absolutely brilliant and I think business life changing!

Serena Humphrey FCMA Financial Strategist, Coach & Speaker

How the Authority Breakthrough Program Works

We start with an in-depth 1-1 “Quickstart” call with me for 60 minutes to review where you are and create a tailored plan for you to help get results the fastest from the program.

You get immediate access to in-depth video training on all the steps to become seen as an Authority. You progress through the training at your own pace, getting feedback and support when needed through the private Facebook group.

We hold a group Q&A call on Tuesday every week which you can attend live to ask questions and get help on any aspect of the program.

If you’re stuck or need immediate input you can grab a 1-1 “SOS call” with me as soon as I’m available.

Who the Program is for

I created the Authority Breakthrough program for consultants, coaches and other professionals who want to win more high-paying clients while making an impact in the world. It will be a good fit for you if:

  • Becoming known as an authority is your biggest marketing priority
  • You’re ready to invest 1/2 a day a week in the program and the marketing necessary to build your authority platform
  • You’re willing to invest in the necessary tools and advertising needed to establish your platform (e.g. website landing pages, email marketing system)
  • You believe my personal support and that of a group will help you get better results, faster
  • You’re ready to take action - fast!

How You Can Join the Program

Membership of the Authority Breakthrough program is for a minimum of 3 months - after that you can stay as long as you want and are continuing to make progress and get great results. We’ll have a 1-1 review after your first 3 months to check on progress and plan your next steps.

Membership is by application only.

For practical reasons, so I can devote my energies to the group and 1-1 calls to ensure your success, I need to keep membership of the program small and focused.

The process starts by putting your name and email address into the form below. When you submit the form I'll send you a prospectus for the program along with some questions for you to answer to determine if you're a good fit for the program and will get the most from it.

The next step will be for us to hop on a short call to discuss the program and answer any questions you might have.

Please complete the form below to start the process...and let's start making you an Authority...

(Please note, the Authority Breakthrough program is currently closed to new members) 

Ian Heptinstall Project & Supply Chain Mentor

II have no hesitation in recommending Ian’s Authority Breakthrough program for any independent consultant. Whether it was giving feedback on our work, in our 1-1 discussions or in the group, I found Ian’s advice was spot on. Concentrated, direct and great value. If you’re thinking about joining - just do it!

I'm excited about sales and marketing moving forward. I'm targeting people I would love to work with, using material I believe in and am proud of. That's a great place to be. If that's what you're looking for, then you will love the course.

Jasper Walshe Executive Coach
Lynn Scott Lynn Scott Coaching Ltd and Founder of the Effortless Leader Revolution.

Ian’s ABP enabled me to get absolute clarity on how to position myself as the expert in my field and to stand above all the millions of ‘leadership coaches’ out there. My Effortless Leadership Revolution programme was born thanks to Ian’s guidance and support.

His programme includes a very practical and varied selection of ‘how to’ online videos and his personal support on the group calls and in the private Facebook Group is second to none. What I really loved was his technical knowledge too - he makes it so easy to just get started even if, like me, you find all the technical stuff really complicated or boring!

I invest a lot in my own development and this programme is the one where I’ve most felt like I’m working with a very approachable expert – and the ongoing support from Ian and the group is a pot of gold.

Before Ian's program I was worried that it would be just another course that I wouldn't quite finish. I didn't know if I'd get value for money or be able to make real progress with my marketing.

But it's done all that for me and more. Ian helped me get clear on my point of view, I've created a model that's got me excited about my business again. And I've even started building a whole new product.

Now I can't stop recommending Ian to my business owner friends!

Ben Afia  Brand Strategist and International Speaker