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"Join my 5 Day Authority Challenge and Discover How To Become Seen as an Authority by Your Ideal Clients and Stand Out From Your Competitors - Without Spending all Your Time on Marketing"

Ian Brodie

Feedback on the 5 Day Authority Challenge...

The 5 Day Authority ChallengeAverage Rating
5 Stars - Based on 53 User Reviews
Michael BeckMichael BeckA Great Program for Gaining Authority!

This was a great program, filled its useful insights and practical advice.

Bruce BixlerBruce BixlerDistinctly Different!

I liked the "distinct point of view section. In a crowded field of social media you have to separate yourself from the pack.

Margaret AdamsHow To Gain Authority And Clients In Your Field

Excellent videos and lots of useful information. Example: the differentiation between direct and indirect marketing. Many videos are short on information. This series was packed with great material.

Sarah WicksSarah WicksIt reignited my passion in my work

Thus challenge has reignited my passion in what i do. It is very content rich and simply structured. This combined with feedback from Ian has enabled me to clearly see the next steps I need to take. I don't think you could ask more from a 5 day challenge.

MaryI'm a fan of Ian Brodie!

"Lack of clarity" was my problem - now solved. And I love the group!

Carolyn OvercashCarolyn OvercashIan Brodie is Inspirational

Ian Brodie's 5 Day Authority Challenge helped me define the direction I need to go, gave me new insight into engaging clients, threw fuel on the fire of my purpose, and reaffirmed that I do indeed have a marketing plan although I hadn't articulated it until this challenge. His challenge teaches how to evaluate and move forward toward completing one's goals.

Rita BakerA truly authoritative approach to helping people to develop authority!

To be honest, you reaffirmed beliefs I already had, but what I Ioved was the clear, systematic way in which you developed the theme - WITH AUTHORITY! I'm currently not ready to engage in your course as I have so much work to do on preparing my own material. My subject is an accelerated, organic approach to learning English, which I have been developing and using for the last 25 years. Languages are all about pattern, representing underlying SYSTEMS. Children learn by perceiving these patterns. Traditional language teaching involves presenting deconstructed chunks, an approach which obliterates patterns and is therefore completely counter-intuitive and unsuccessful. It's a massive topic and dividing it up is a large part of the challenge. I will certainly bear you in mind though, and recommend you to others.

SilasMany paths to Authority.

As for me I intend to enter a new field and my main result was the awareness to do a research project as a way to become me an expert.

Thank you Ian.

CeciliaThank you!

Thank you very much Ian for sharing all these ideas, tips and tricks & hacks! I learned a lot! Kind regards ( all the way from B.A. Argentina :-) ) Cecilia

George KemishGeorge KemishThe 5 Day Authority Challenge - A Great Opportunity to Learn from the Maesto

I found the 5 Day Authority Challenge extremely useful. Although I was aware of many of the suggestions put forward, there were still some very useful, and practical, advice from Ian. It was also extremely interesting to see what other people were doing to push themselves forward as Authorities in their field. I even received some very good advice from someone else who took part in the Challenge. It was well worth giving up the time to take part in this project.

Andreas DittrichAndreas DittrichBest practice

Very well structured and with many proven practices out of real life. I work along those lines and recommended the program in my network.

Shantel5 Day Authority Challenge with Ian Brodie

Excellent, helpful and indepth description about using your distinctive voice towards more permanent and consistent marketing efforts.

Sarah WheatleySarah WheatleyMade a daunting process much more do-able

The structure made it relatively easy for me to create and implement a plan for developing my authority, within a short timeframe. It was easy to follow (although the exercises themselves were challenging) and asked me just the right questions that I needed to be able to come up with something executable relatively quickly. It made what normally seems a pretty daunting process seem pretty straightforward and do-able. Thanks Ian!

Victoria LeoVictoria LeoFocus on this; implement it; ignore everything else. Ian's roadmap will get you where you want to be.

Why this and not another? Let me count the ways. Ian's info and insights are accurate - not telling you what you want to hear, but what's true. That mirrors how I work, and I value it above all else. His advice is not only true but unique. You don't have to write a sloppily-put-together e-book or book in to a dozen podcasts, but you DO have to do what Ian tells you to do. He presents his very valuable roadmap in a clear, concise manner that makes sense to a businessperson. He's warm and folksy while exhibiting gravitas - quite a trick. He focuses on value, not razzle-dazsle, which is what he tells you to do as well. [The folks who buy the razzle don't stay with you; they're off to grab the next shiny object; that's my experience, not his opinion.] It's all about revenue, which means it's all about delivering unique and powerful value. This is the roadmap to get you there. I am not purveying biz advice, and I could focus on the underlying key principles very easily. You will too. Stop the useless free webinars; focus on this training. You'll be glad you did.

PatrickEasy and useful

Simple, logical, to the point and free of the long and self-promoting storytelling that everybody else do these days. Five stars, Ian!

Rob BrownRob BrownA brilliant program that really works if you want to stand out for what you do!

It's so easy to get so close to your own offering and so wrapped up in the detail that you can't strategies about the big picture. What I love about Ian Brodie's Authority Challenge is how it gives you the tools and the space to think it through from the client's perspective. There is nobody better than Ian at bringing all of the world's best thinking into one idea, one program, one methodology that really works. Brilliant stuff and a must for pretty much all coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers out there.

DavidCritical Content for Becoming An Authority

Amazing amount of content critical for developing authority influence...presented professionally and clearly, with detailed, practical "next steps" for each lesson.

Stephen HumphreysVery Useful Thanks

I liked the way it was presented and it gave me some great ideas on how to differentiate my business from the competition.

David RobertsonVery worthwhile course - 5 Day Authority Challenge

Really enjoyed the Authority Challenge, made me re-think my approach to a soon to launch B2B website and provided a clear path to follow.
Thanks, Ian
Regards David

Sasa RozmanFantastic

Fantastic, short and simple and just what I needed! I've payed for that kind of information in the past, but didn't get such value out of it- and your training is for free! Thank you, Ian and keep on doing great work!

Will GardnerValuable: do it!

A very valuable programme. Simple, logical, insightful, and most of all, practical. Thanks Ian!

Vatsala ShuklaVatsala ShuklaA distinctive challenge for professionals who are serious about making a difference

Ian Brodie's 5 Day Authority Challenge is one of the best that I have participated and would encourage any professional or business owner to take the challenge if they really want to zero in on their authority and find those gaps that stops them from stepping into their own power to serve their audience.

My favorite parts of the challenge were revisiting my distinctive point of view and receiving support to make it robust and the 3 key phases to building authority. Ian provided a lot of content and support to help each one of us achieve a small win towards the bigger victory.

Thank you Ian!

JohnGreat actionable content.

It was awesome. Great actionable content.

Maggie SpencerJust starting out

I am just in the foothills of marketing. Ian is so calm, clear and reassuring that's it's fine to go at your own pace with your own plan. Have really appreciated your time and effort to put this together and share for free.

Feels so much better than reading it a book. It makes it alive and real. Thanks Ian

Marie PierreAuthority Challenge

The program is on target. It validates what I aim to accomplish. It makes me feel right at home.
I made Plans according to day 5
Thank you. The Program was a delight and likewise food for my brain

Anna Letitia CookAnna Letitia CookGreatly improved insight and areas of focus...

Great course. Really helped me get clarity on the 3 drivers (Distinctive Point of View, Visibility with your Target Audience, Deepening Your Authority) and which I need to focus on most. Gave me considerably more insight on how best to refine, develop and present my distinctive point of view.

Sara JaneMarketing Made EASY!

EVERYTHING that Ian offers is practical - and therefore useful. He takes the fear and threat out of marketing - thereby making it 'easy'. Yes, marketing does take work - but Ian removes the stumbling blocks!

So it is with the 5 day authority challenge. While I have work to do to position myself as an authority, as a result of the authority challenge, I confidently and easily wrote TWO articles!

Mario GastaldiMario GastaldiOutstanding framework

The materials are outstanding.
The whole challenge will lead you into an exploration of your own business, how you are unique to your clients and how you can stand out in the sea of competitors.
It's a practical and actionable plan; it totally makes sense.
You will save a lot of time (and other resources) just by following the simple steps.


Short,accurately, really useful!
Well done

Susan MatsonExtremely valuable!

As always, Ian's content is clear, smart, and useful. I have been taking my time working through the videos because there's so much in here that i want to make notes, rewind and go back and listen again, etc.

Thanks, Ian!

Jeff MeisterJeff MeisterPacked With Value!

Ian's 5 Day Authority Challenge was packed with value. The concept of the "Disruptive Point of View" was something new for me... and very powerful. I strongly recommend the Authority Challenge to anyone building an expertise based business.

Shona BattersbyEasy roadmap for success.

The challenge made it so easy to understand each step of the way that is required to build Authority. The final day put it all together with an easy actionable roadmap to follow.

Angela ShermanAngela ShermanExcellent advice to help you build authority with your audience

Excellent 5-day journey through the process of building authority. Great tips and advice, and Ian breaks it all down into manageable steps. I've gained some really valuable insights. I'd thoroughly recommend the 5-day Authority Challenge.

Bunmi JembolaBunmi JembolaThank you Ian for helping my business

Ian gave a thousand dollars value for free in that series. Going through it has greatly impacted how I sell my expertise as a leading African sales coach and consultant

Rhonda BowenRhonda BowenValue without hype

Ian has such a wonderful way of getting the message across, no hype, no promises he cannot keep. I really benefitted from the various models and now have a better idea of how to move forward. Thank you, Ian, for providing such great value.

Howard LothropHoward LothropIan Brodie Delivers Value and Insight

Ian has a remarkable way of condensing and conveying material to that critical core that really moves the needle. Great job as always.

Peter GjersoeThank you Ian

Excellent easy to implement summary of the steps required to become an authority in your niche

Cathy GoodwinCathy GoodwinHe walks the talk

Ian walked the talk on this one! He's an authority on becoming an authority. The topic is a novel one and he explained it well. I was particularly impressed with Ian's activity in the group. All too many people at his level tend to set up a group and turn people loose. He was a strong presence, responding quickly to posts. I'm just pivoting to a new authority base and the videos were extremely helpful.


In five highly engaging and information packed webinars, Ian provides all the tools an independent consultant might need to think through their market positioning, and develop a manageable road map to implementation. Theory is brought to life with copious examples, models and exercises, the quality of the materials is just extraordinary, and the entire experience is orchestrated with efficiency and professionalism. Thankyou Ian!

Jon FrostJon FrostEmails to look forward to!

an has consistently given me advice and inspiration over the last couple of years. Ian's emails are some of the few that I look forward to, high praise indeed in this age of overwhelm, noise and spam. Thanks.

Sarah FoxSarah FoxBe precise to get noticed!

Really helpful and insightful collection of questions, webinars and individual feedback to get you thinking about how you can become the authority on a topic that matters to a target audience and how to reach them.

HumzaIan's 5-Day Challenge is Fantastic!

Ian's challenge was brilliant! The format was very easily digestible and the content was excellent. The flow was logical and the exercises were very well-thought-through. Great job Ian!

Ian BerryIan BerryWell thought through immediately actionable complimentary course

I've been on Ian Brodie's mailing list for a long time and know from experience that he only offers well thought through. immediately actionable materials. The challenge was no exception.

I've already used the workbook to review my current distinctive point of views and have updated some of my lead magnets.

Thank you Ian for your highly professional work.

RaduThere is always a way. Ian helps finding it better than GPS does!

Clarity. Progress. Action. Support. Thank you!

Sandra OwenSandra OwenVery Helpful and informative.

I found the 5 Day Authority Challenge very helpful and informative. I've watched all 5 videos and made lots of notes, and am now going to create my roadmap. Something I've tried to do many times but always got side tracked. This short video challenge has helped refocus my mind. Thank you.

Anne-laureAnne-laureFar beyond what could be expected!

loved this 5 day authority challenge. Although it's free, it's very well done, with a lot of insights.
This free training really gave me a lot : I've been able to develop my own "distinctive point of view" and I'm working on ways to communicate it. I'm sure it will help me get new clients.
Thanks Ian for this. As usual you went far beyond what could be expected and delivered great value.

HeleneHelenePriceless advice from a real authority

I am so grateful I found and went through Ian's 5-Day Authority Challenge. Ian packed 5 short, no-fluff videos with so much valuable and actionable advice and tips! And I now have a detailed and concrete road map to implement his ideas - awesome!

Geoff MarlowGeoff MarlowHow to become an authentic authority

Ian is probably the world's leading authority on how to break free from being a 'best kept secret' by discovering and communicating your unique value-add. The 5 day authority challenge is an excellent way to get started with your journey to authority.

Despina VaraklasDespina VaraklasThank you for providing this.

It gave me confidence that I am on the right track to bring my POV to the surface.

Marie-eve PlamondonMarie-eve PlamondonA good challenge

Always very good material.

Biata MutemiTeaching

The teaching has been very helpful to me,being in real estate business, the challenge has been wonderdul and I am practising it .

SerbanEssential knowledge

That was succint and clear type of challenge. For me the ilustration of high value briefing as medium commitment step.

Neenah Queen Jordan KelliebrewIan Brodie is my Go To Guy!!!

My specific results studying with Ian are in the makings as we speak still... I am and have studied much, much more than The 5 Day Authority Challenge with Ian. I am so excited to have been introduced to him. Ian is one of the best Mentors that has entered into my life. Believe me, Ian came to me at the perfect time... I truly needed his support! I greatly appreciate Ian and his team's support. Thanks for everything Ian! Take care!

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