Are You a Shining Light?

Shining LightHave you ever noticed how some people just seem to stand out?

Tom Peters in the world of consulting for example. Whether you agree with everything he says or not, there’s no doubt he makes a huge impact.

Charlie Green in the world of trust. Tom Searcy in the world of winning big deals.

These are people who have the courage to stand up and say what they believe in. What they think is the right way to do things in their field.

They don’t just go with accepted practice. They push the boundaries.

They don’t just say what people want to hear. They tell them what they need to hear.

Many businesses talk about differentiation. About having a USP.

But it’s all just so many words unless you have the courage to stand up and share your message.

To be a shining light. A rallying point for others who come to feel the same way.

I’m not much of a fan of macho leadership. But I am a huge fan of courage. Courage to stand up for what you believe in.

Courage to say out loud “this is how it should be” and open yourself up for criticism.

I don’t necessarily mean standing up for a big world changing agenda. I mean the issues your clients face day in, day out.

Are you out there showing them a better way? Or are you waiting for them to come asking for your advice (a quick hint: they’re probably not coming).

In times like these many of our clients are desperately waiting for a shining light to lead the way.

It could be you.

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