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You may have noticed a flurry of activity here at Get Clients – including the release of my ebook on How to Get More Referrals and the creation of a new video on getting more clients in less time which you get when you sign up for the newsletter.

What’s been powering all this activity in the background has been a surge of productivity I’ve got from joining a mastermind group of consultants led by business coach Paul Simister. Along with consultants/coaches Louise Barnes-Johnston, Lee Duncan and Sonja Jefferson we get on a Skype conference call every week and help each other out – facilitated by Paul.

Mastermind Group
A Mastermind Group is a group of individuals who “meet” regularly with a common purpose – usually to help each other out in business or personal life.

Each week every member shares a challenge or question they have about their business – and the other members give ideas, questions or thoughts to help out. We also make commitments each week on what we’re aiming to achieve in the next week – and then report back on our progress.

I’ve found the discipline provided by the group and the gentle peer pressure to deliver on my commitments has really helped me focus on developing my business – rather than just getting my client work done.

I’d thoroughly recommend joining a group to anyone wanting to get an extra boost in doing the important things for their business that they just keep pushing aside.

Paul has posted some hints and tips on How to Start a Mastermind Group on his blog. He’s also on the lookout for accountants who’d like to join a new group he’s forming. If it works anything as well as the consulting/coaching group I’m in then if I was an accountant I’d head over there and bite his hand off.

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  1. says

    Thanks Ian for the recommendation on my mastermind groups.

    It’s an American idea which hails back to the great industrialists like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford and brought to the word by Napoleon Hill in books like “Think & Grow Rich”.

    The basic idea is that you are stronger when you’re supported by others who understand what you’re doing and have helpful experience and knowledge than if you try to go it alone, relying on the university of life to teach you.

    Gentle peer pressure? I find the pressure builds up inside me as the next group gets closer and I’m going to have to say, Yes or No whether I achieved my goal and I don’t want to let the group and the process down – but the group itself is always supportive.

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