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Authority Marketing Interview: John Seddon

John SeddonJohn Seddon is a global authority on systems thinking in service organisations.

Often controversial, always outspoken – John has been championing systems thinking for nearly three decades. He’s a fierce critic of piecemeal government reform and top down target setting and often clashes with what he calls the “toolhead” proponents of Lean.

He’s not everyone’s cup of tea – he even has “hate” websites dedicated to criticising him. But he’s built his reputation and authority to the level where, certainly in the UK, if you want to take a systems thinking approach to transforming your service organisation, John is almost always the first person you’ll call.

In this podcast John talks about how (almost accidentally) he got started in the field of systems thinking. How he built his expertise and his reputation. Some of the branding mistakes he made along the way. And his advice for consultants and other professionals wanting to take the authority route to building their business.

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To find out more about John, his business Vanguard Consulting, and to get hold of resources on systems thinking, you can just google “John Seddon” or head straight to:



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