James Sale Authority Marketing Interview


James SaleJames Sale is one of Europe’s leading authorities on the psychology of motivation.

James built his reputation primarily by getting out and sharing his expertise through speaking. He’s a perfect example for those of you who want to start by making a big and direct impact on those around you – rather than perhaps waiting years for your book to be published or your website to hit number one in google.

James offers some great insights into building your expertise, sharing your content, getting booked as a speaker – and some clever tips on using Linkedin to build your reputation.

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To find out more about James and learn more about how to discover your own motivation, visit:

James Sale – James’ site with his writing and resources on motivation

Motivational Mentoring – to get your own personal motivational profile.

And as James offered on the podcast – he’d love you to connect with him on Linkedin here:

James Sale on Linkedin


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