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I’m currently in the process of making some big changes to my business. I’m planning to do a lot more online in the future. Over half the readership of the Get Clients blog and my newsletter is based outside the UK and I get frequent requests about whether I can do more that’s accessible without having to travel to a workshop with me or to do face to face coaching.

To meet this demand, I’m working night and day to create a private membership site where I’ll be delivering more detailed training material, webinars and personal online coaching.

The site will be launching in about a month’s time – and I’ll be doing a special offer for Newsletter readers to gain access at a very big discount (hint: subscribe quickly!).

In the meantime, I’m really interested in hearing from you. What sort of material would you like me to cover on the blog and newsletter in future? And what sort of training would be useful to you in the membership site? I’d also like your feedback on what you think of the material and help I’ve provided so far.

As a bit of an incentive for helping me with your feedback I’ll be giving anyone who provides feedback (positive or negative – all feedback is helpful) a free month’s access to the new membership site.

To complete the survey, go here: Feedback Survey.

Thanks – your help is much appreciated.

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