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Get More Clients Without The Pain And Expense Of Traditional Marketing

Exclusive step-by-step Blueprint for consultants, coaches, trainers and other professionals

ian-landing2Do you want more clients?

Silly question. We all do, of course.

But the problem is that most traditional approaches to marketing and selling just don’t work well for professionals.

If you deliver high value services, you need to build credibility and trust before a client will be ready to hire you. You don’t do that using the “pushy” and “salesy” tactics most marketing and sales courses will teach you.

You do it by delivering value to potential clients and nurturing relationships with them. Positioning yourself as the “go to” person in your field: the first person they call when they need help.

That’s what you’ll learn in my Pain Free Marketing Blueprint

It’ll show you:

    • Why most marketing tactics just don’t work today
    • The Timing Paradox that causes most professionals to focus their marketing on the wrong people at the wrong time
    • How to focus your efforts on those most likely to become clients
    • The Value in Advance principle for building credibility and trust, and
    • A simple strategy for nurturing relationships that doesn’t take hours out of your day or need fancy systems to manage

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