How to Email Important People…Free Webinar on Thurs 18th August

** Update: the Webinar with James is now over. We completely filled out our GotoWebinar allocation so apologies if you couldn’t get on. Thanks to all participants, and to everyone who tweeted, emailad and called me to send their thanks and appreciation. For those interested, there’s a replay of the webinar available by clicking here.  **

Have you ever sent a critically important email to a client and heard nothing back, yet not known why?

Are you frustrated that when you try to make an initial contact with potential clients it feels like you’re just “spitting words into the abyss” and you never get a result?

Or do you find your emails often get misinderstood and you end up spending half your time firefighting and explaining what you really meant?

Well, that certainly applies to me.

If it applies to you too, you’ll love this new resource I’ve found.

This week I’ve been reading “How to Email Important People – a guide for better communication” by James Clear.

It’s by far the simplest, yet best guide I’ve found to getting your message across in email so that you get a response.

it’s based on a study James did of email best practices of over 1,000 people. And he followed up with detailed case studies of business people who’ve been ultra-successful at using email to connect with the right people and build their business.

It covers:

  • How to ferret out the email addresses of the key people you want to connect to
  • How to write email subject lines that get your emails opened and read
  • How to get a response to your email
  • How to create a positive impression
  • How to deal with negative emails
  • And it includes half a dozen or so sample emails you can swipe to use yourself with a little tailoring

I’ve asked the author of the book, James Clear of Passive Panda to join me on a free webinar on

Thursday 18th August at 6pm UK time, 1pm Eastern Time in the US

On the webinar he’ll be sharing some of the key techniques that he’s found to get your emails open, read and responded to. And he’ll be doing a live analysis of successful and unsuccessful emails.

** The webinar is now over. To watch the replay click here. **


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*** You know the score with these webinars – James will deliver an hour of rock solid advice and guidance on creating creat emails that get you noticed and get a response. At the end, he’ll say a few words to promote his book and encourage you to buy it. If you do, I’ll get a commission too for setting up the webinar.

I think the book’s great, and am implementing the advice myself – but do of course make your own decision, rather than just buying it because I say so. ***

Ian Brodie teaches consultants, coaches and other professionals to attract and win their ideal clients using simple, practical marketing strategies.
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