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Authority Marketing

Finding Opportunities For Guest Articles and Blog Posts


I got a lot of great feedback on my recent podcast interview with Dorie Clark on how to get featured in major publications.

This is a strategy that anyone prepared to invest the time in creating great content and in researching and reaching out to publications can follow. Not only will it build your authority in your field, it can have an immediate impact on website traffic and email subscribers.


PR Coach Debbie Leven

Shortly after publishing the podcast I got a wonderful email from PR Coach Debbie Leven expanding on the interview with some very practical tips on finding relevant opportunities for guest articles, blog posts and other media appearances.

I liked Debbie’s email so much that with her permission I’ve turned it into an article with a couple of my own tips added in. I think you’ll find it really helpful in implementing the strategies Dorie and I discussed.

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Authority Marketing

My First Blab: 10 Recipes For Becoming Seen As An Authority In Your Field


So, I did my first Blab today, hosted by the superb Charlie Poznek of the Boomer Business Show.

Amazingly it all went swimmingly (apart from the fact that I couldn’t show the picture from my proper webcam and had to use the inbuilt one on my mac – so picture quality wasn’t great at my end. I found out afterwards you can change that in the advanced settings on your browser).

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