[Case Study] A Lead Magnet And Follow Up Strategy For Service Businesses

mikeseddonUsing a Lead Magnet: a Free Report or Checklist or Template or Video to attract potential clients and then following up with email marketing is a proven strategy that quite simply works.

Its obvious use is for “education” businesses. People who sell consulting, coaching, training or other services where your potential clients want to know how to do what you’re an expert in.

So your lead magnet and emails to them can share tips and strategies in that area that help them, educate them and demonstrate your credibility.

However with other services businesses it’s trickier to get a Lead Magnet right.

The clients of a lawyer don’t want tips on how to practice law. Clients of accountants don’t want to learn how to do double-entry bookkeeping. They want to hire someone to do that for them.

So your lead magnet and follow up emails have to be somewhat different.

In this podcast interview Adwords expert Mike Seddon shares the strategy he uses for his lead magnet and follow-up emails to bring him a steady stream of potential clients for his “done for you” adwords management service.

It’s a strategy that anyone who does a service like this where your clients want to know you’re an expert, but don’t want to become one themselves.

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How To Stand Out From The Crowd: 2-Step Differentiation

How To Stand Out From The Crowd

Hi – welcome to another Marketing Q&A Video.

One of the questions I get asked the most often is “how can I stand out from the crowd?” or “how can I differentiate myself?”.

No doubt you’ve read lots of articles about creating a clear USP (most probably quoting Dominos as an example despite the fact that Dominos “delivery in 30 minutes or your money back” USP ceased to be effective decades ago).

The truth is, it’s darned difficult for high value product and service businesses to create compelling differentiation with our competitors in a simple statement on our website or in an elevator pitch. And it’s also often misguided.

In this video I show you how to use the “2-step differentiation” process to stand out from your competitors in a different way – one that’s much easier to achieve for most of us; and much more effective too.

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Using a Compilation Book to Win Clients

stefandrewThere’s no doubt that being the author of a successful book can be a huge boost to your credibility and ability to win clients.

But rather obviously, writing a book and getting it to bestseller status all on your own is a far from trivial task.

Many people start a book and never finish. And of those that do, few manage to get it to sell well and even fewer manage to use the book to win a decent strea of new clients.

In this podcast interview, “Marketing Magician” Stefan Drew shares the details of how he pulled together a bunch of friends and colleagues (me included) to create a bestselling book – and then used that book to get meetings with and win high value clients.

It’s a process almost anyone can reproduce.

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Will Facebook Advertising Work For Me?

Will Facebook Advertising Work For Me?

Hi – welcome to another Marketing Q&A Video.

A slight departure from the norm this week. Rather than answering a question sent in by one person, I’m going to look at a questions that dozens upon dozens of people asked in my recent survey on what you would want in a Facebook Advertising course.

The question in various forms was “will Facebook Advertising work for me?“. So in other words we know Facebook works for consumer oriented businesses, but will it work for b2b? Or if your clients are dentists? Or lawyers? Or senior executives?

The problem is that if you speak to a Facebook evangelist (probably with a course to sell) they’ll tell you it works for everyone. And if you speak to a skeptic, they’ll say it only works in consumer markets.

Of course, the truth is that Facebook Advertising doesn’t work for everyone. Nor is it only good for consumer businesses. It works for very many business to business markets too. But you have to do some digging to figure out if it will work for you.

In this video I show you some simple tools and techniques you can use to see whether Facebook Advertising can reliably work for you.

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The Best Tools And Techniques To Create High Quality Marketing Videos

Best Tools and Techniques for Marketing Videos

Welcome to another Marketing Q&A video.

This week’s question is from Rob and it’s about the best tools and techniques for making high quality videos quickly for your website.

Short marketing videos can build your relationship with potential clients much faster than perhaps any other online marketing channel. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choice of technology and tools available to use.

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The Best Ways to Promote a New Product or Programme

Best Ways To Promote A New Product

Welcome to another Marketing Q&A video.

This week’s question is from Lorna and it’s about the best ways of promting a new product or programme – especially when you feel uncomfortable approaching individuals or organisations cold.

Getting this right can make a huge difference to the success of a new product launch.

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How to Market Using LinkedIn Groups

How to Market Using LinkedIn Groups

Welcome to the second weekly Marketing Q&A video.

This week’s question is from Anna and it’s about the best ways of marketing using Linkedin Groups.

There are many active Linkedin groups filled with your potential clients. But can they be used effectively for marketing? Should they? If so, what are the best ways?

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How To Write an Email Autoresponder Sequence

How To Write an Email Autoresponder Sequence

I’ve just started up a new initiative: a weekly Marketing Q&A video.

Every week I’m going to be answering questions submitted to me in a short video. This first question comes from Glyn and it’s about writing an Email Autoresponder Sequence.

Autoresponder sequences can be hugely valuable. They let you quickly nuturue relationships with new subscribers to your emails. And since you use the same sequence for each new subscriber, everyone who joins can get your very best material and you can maximise your chances of turning them into a paying client…if you do it right.

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Using Images on Your Website

nigel-merrickOne of the big trends on the web right now is the increasing importance of imagery on your website.

That could range from your profile photograph on your home page, to images you use to make your blog posts easier to read.

Joining me to talk about this on the latest episode of the More Clients Podcast is photography marketing expert Nigel Merrick.

In the podcast Nigel shares his experiences on how to best use images on your site including the use of profile photos, infographics and “tipographics”, and supporting blog posts with relevant images.

Nigel even goes a bit geeky and talks about the SEO angle of images.

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How To Use a Survey to Launch an Online Training Course

survey-imageI’ve had a bunch of questions in about the details of the survey we used to help launch Kathy’s online training course recently.

Quick background: we’ve wanted to launch an online training course in Kathy’s business for ages and a few weeks ago we finally bit the bullet.

But rather than jump straight into developing the course “blind” we decided we wanted to run a paid pilot first to make sure the concept was viable (a strategy Bryan Harris and Danny Iny have both written about).

Never create a training course 'blind'. Use a paid pilot to prove the concept first
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And to make sure we got the pilot right, we ran a short survey with Kathy’s email subscribers to find out what would be the most valuable things for the course to cover.

End result: the pilot launch was a great success: nearly 25% of the people who completed the survey signed up and paid for the pilot within a couple of days.

Here’s how we ran the survey, the questions we asked and the psychology behind them.

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