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How to Get Published in Prestigious Publications


My guest on today’s podcast is Dorie Clark. Dorie is the author of Reinventing You and Stand Out. She’s a former presidential campaign spokeswoman, she teaches at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, and she’s a consultant and speaker for clients such as Google, Morgan Stanley, and the World Bank.

One of the marketing approaches Dorie has used extensively is to get her articles published in major publications like Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine. This has helped grow her reputation and authority, introduce her to a bunch of influential people, and get a lot of valuable traffic back to her website.

But she didn’t just walk into those prestigious publications. She started at ground level and worked her way up.

And in today’s podcast, Dorie shares the strategies that she used to climb that ladder to getting published in the most prestigious publications.

(We recorded the interview the day after Skype had it’s big meltdown so the sound is a little crackly in place, but definitely listenable).

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Get More Clients With “Branson Meetings”


I’ve been preparing for a workshop I’m about to run on winning corporate clients. And as I ran through my notes something jumped out at me as a perfect topic for a 5 Minute Marketing Tip.

It’s simple to understand, yet profound. And can make a huge difference to the number of meetings you get with potential clients, particularly if you’re looking to win large clients.

And it involves something called “Branson meetings”.

Watch the video to find out what they are and how they can help you.

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Convert More Prospects Into Clients With Case Stories


In this week’s 5 minute marketing tip I share what’s probably the most powerful method I know for engaging with potential clients and converting more of them into paying clients.

I show you how to use the technique live, and how to prepare so you’ve got a store of case stories you can use

This is something that will just take you a few minutes to prepare, but can reap huge rewards.

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How to Harness the Power of Stories to Win Clients


Today’s podcast is all about how to harness the power of stories to attract and win clients.

My guest is Lisa Bloom, the founder of Story Coach. On the podcast Lisa explains why stories can be so powerful in our marketing, how to find stories to use for your business, and how to craft those stories for blog posts, articles or any purpose you want to put them to.

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The Secret Step To Getting More From Networking


This week’s 5 minute marketing tip is about a simple step you can add to your face-to-face networking that will make a big improvement in your results.

It’s one of those things that’s blindingly obvious when you hear it, but I bet you’re not doing it.

I wasn’t.

If you’re like me and you don’t do a lot of face-to-face networking, it’ll make your time much more productive. If you do a lot of networking it’ll help you get much better results.

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How to Get More Impact from Your Emails With the Rule of One


You’ve put a ton of effort into getting email subscribers. You’re emailing them regularly with great content. But they just seem to be falling flat. You’re not connecting or engaging.

It may well be that the cause is you’re breaking the Rule of One.

In this week’s 5 minute marketing tip video I explain the Rule of One and how to use it to get more impact from your emails.

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How I Learnt To Be Myself (And Get More Clients)


It just wasn’t working and I had no idea why.

Back in my early 30s my bosses at the time decided I was ready to start doing more business development. I’d been successfully running consulting projects for a while and was popular with senior clients. Now was the time for me to learn the executive relationship building skills I’d need to bring in new business.

So off I went to our “Executive Relationship Building” course where some of our very best rainmakers had learned their skills. I felt quite privileged as I was one of the youngest people on the course by quite some way.

The course was great. Everything made sense to me and felt like something I could do. And previous attendees had reported great results almost immediately.

But 6 months later, after using what I’d learnt pretty much by the book, I’d got nothing. It seemed that it just wasn’t working for me.

It took a conversation with one of my most unusual mentors before the pieces slotted into place.

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[Podcast] How Setting Up Your Own Mastermind Group Can Power Your Business Growth


Dov Gordon was a man on a mission.

He knew the value and power of Masterminds from his work running them for groups of CEOs. But for his own business he wanted something more.

In a traditional mastermind business leaders and entrepreneurs meet to help each other out with advice, challenge, motivation and guidance.

Members share their goals, their challenges, their opportunities. And they get input from the bright business minds around them to challenge their thinking, give them new ideas and perspectives, share their experiences of similar situations. Masterminds often share best practices and emerging trends too so that members benefit from the early experiences and experiments of others in the group.

And sometimes a mastermind can act as an accountability group too. With members motivated to push through barriers and hit their goals because they’ve shared those goals with their mastermind partners.

Powerful stuff. But Dov wanted more.

He wanted a group that not only helped each other with ideas and feedback, but that also helped each other directly. He wanted a group of businesses with complementary products and services where members would be willing to directly promote each others’ businesses (as long as they met the core criteria of being of high value to their own clients, of course).

After looking around and struggling to find such a group, Dov decided his best course of action was to set one up himself. To find compatible businesses he would feel comfortable working with and promoting to his audience. And who shared a similar client-centric mindset, ethical appoach to business and willingness to help each other.

I was one of the original members that Dov first contacted, along with people you might know like Mike Seddon, Stefan Drew, Danny Iny, Steve Gordon.

The plan worked even better than Dov had hoped. The entrepreneurs in the group helped each other out and their businesses grew and prospered. Friendships blossomed. The group grew.

Dov believes you can do the same thing yourself.

The sort of businesses and people you want to partner with will be different, of course. But the principles remain true.

In this podcast interview Dov shares the steps he took to build his mastermind group. How to identify and onboarded new members. What to looks for in good members. How to encourage contribution and commitment. When to let go of the reins and when to take a firm hand.

If you follow the steps and the philosophies Dov lays out you can build your own successful mastermind too. Not just as a support mechanism, but as a real driver of your business growth.

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How To Create Great Content – Efficiently


Last week’s video on Breadcrumb Content was very popular, but prompted a number of questions on the topic of how to produce all that great content efficiently so you don’t spend half your life in front of a computer.

In this week’s 5 minute marketing tip video I share my 3 big process tips for creating content productively.

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How To Spot When You’re Being Manipulated By A Presupposition

Failed PitchGot this in my Linkedin Inbox yesterday. It’s the first message from someone I connected with a couple of days ago and it’s a perfect example of how NOT to build relationships.

First off, it begins with a lie. Or at least an inaccuracy. I didn’t reach out to her, she reached out to me to connect.

So immediately I’m on my guard. Either this is a canned message or she’s hitting up so many people she can’t remember whether she reached out or I did. Or she’s trying to fool me into misremembering and thinking I reached out.

Then there’s a beautiful line. The sort that annoys the heck out of me.

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