5 Shock And Awe Marketing Techniques To Get More Clients


“Shock and Awe Marketing” is an approach to making a huge impact on a small number of high potential clients.

It works on the principle that in a competitive market you’re much better off making a huge impact on one prospect than spreading your efforts across 10 and having a minor impact with each one.

I find this is especially true for small and solo businesses. We may not have the resources to challenge big competitors on all fronts. But by focusing our efforts on making a big splash with a small number of potential clients we can come out on top easily enough times to have a thriving business.

Using “shock and awe” techniques you can make that big impact and ensure you’re in pole position to win those high potential clients.

In this week’s 5 Minute Marketing Tip video I share details on how to use shock and awe marketing and 5 of the most profitable situations to use it in.

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How To Get Recommended On Social Media

How To Get Recommended On Social Media

Have you noticed that these days, when people ask for recommendations for someone to help them with something, that instead of asking their face-to-face contacts, colleagues and friends, they ask on social media?

Not random requests on Twitter or their Facebook profile. But in groups on Linkedin and Facebook or other forums. Places where they’re connected with people online who they believe will be able to come up with good recommendations.

In recent weeks I’ve seen requests for recommendations for website developers, tax experts, virtual assistants, specialist lawyers and facebook marketing consultants.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were the person whose name came up time and time again when people asked for recommendations in your field on social media?

In this 5 Minute Marketing Tip video I share 3 strategies for getting more recommendations on Linkedin and Facebook groups and Forums.

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[Podcast] How To Scale A Professional Service Business With Mitch Russo

mitchrussoIn this podcast I cover a new topic for me: growing a business beyond yourself.

My guest is Mitch Russo, someone who’s built a bunch of businesses in his time: from founding Timeslips which grew to be the world’s largest time tracking software company, to being the COO of Sage in the US, to being president of Business Breakthroughs International, a company he founded with long-time friend Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins.

These days he works with coaches to help them scale their coaching business. But the lessons he shares are equally applicable to any professional service business.

In the podcast we talk about the key elements of building and scaling a service business:

  • How to find the right people to hire
  • How to get them up to speed so you’re not spending all your time supervising them
  • What you must do before hiring someone into a service business
  • Packaging your services for higher fees
  • Building systems to allow you to focus on the strategic areas of your business

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3 Simple Steps For A Brilliant Client Onboarding Process

3 Simple Steps For a Brilliant Client Onboarding Process

This week’s 5 Minute Marketing Tip is about “client onboarding”: the critical first communications and interactions with new clients, customers or email subscribers that set the tone and expectation for your relationship with them.

In the video I share 3 simple steps for every onboarding process that will get your relationship off on the right foot so that you turn more email subscribers into buyers, get more enthusiastic clients, retain them longer, and get more referrals.

This is something you can implement with just a little bit of thought, preparation and attention to detail.

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[Case Study] Creating and Marketing Online Products (in the REAL World)

clivemallardIn this podcast I interview Clive Mallard, The Independent’s Consultant who over the last year or so has transitioned his business from being primarily based on live consulting to one focused on his core online product which teaches advanced consulting skills to independents.

As with all my podcast interviews, this isn’t one of those overnight success stories that can never be reproduced by the rest of us. It’s a story of hard work over a significant period of time to build a sutainable business.

In the podcast Clive shares the details of how he came up with the idea for his product, how he researched his market further to find out more about what was wanted, how he created the different components, and the marketing approaches that are working for him right now to best promote the product.

And he shares his very practical tips about how to get started developing your own products and what to watch out for that might derail you.

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The “Mindreading” Technique for Effective Linked Profiles and Website Bios

The 'Mindreading' Technique for Effective Linked Profiles and Website Bios

This week’s marketing video is the first in a series of “5 Minute Marketing Tips” where I aim to share powerful marketing tips in just 5 minutes or so.

Today’s tip is on a question I get asked frequently: how to create an effective Linkedin Profile or bio for your website that will get your ideal client’s attention and motivate them to contact you or visit your website.

In this video I share the “mindreading technique” – a simple but powerful approach that will tell you exactly what you need to put into your profile or bio.

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[Case Study] Using Email Marketing To Win Corporate Clients

Adrian WillmottThere’s no doubting the power of email marketing in general: but does it work if you sell to corporates?

Do senior executives really read email newsletters?

Well, here’s someone who’s got email markting to work very effctively in the corporate market: Adrian Willmott.

Adrian runs Arcus Consulting who specialise in transforming finance functions in major corporations into value-adding business partners.

His clients are CFOs and finance directors in some of the largest UK companies. You don’t really get much more corporate than that.

But Adrian’s emails are very different in style and content to the ones a finance director might get from their accountants or a consultancy firm. And they work.

In this case study I explore with Adrian how he signed up those large corporates for his regular emails, and what he puts in them to get the attention of busy executives and to build the credibility needed to secure meetings and win projects.

Pay particular attention to Adrian’s “ask yourself” strategy that gets his potential clients to pay attention and prepares them for his follow-up.

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How to Learn About a New Market (Fast)

How to Learn About a New Market (Fast)

This week’s marketing Q&A question is from Shakya – and it’s about the tricky issue of learning about what your target clients want and need if you’re new to the market.

Great marketing is based on deep understanding of your ideal clients. But if you’re in startup mode or changing your focus you often don’t have a bunch of existing clients you can quiz or an easy way of tapping in to the market.

In this video I share three practical methods of building your understanding of a new market so you can get your marketing and your products and services spot on.

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[Case Study] A Lead Magnet And Follow Up Strategy For Service Businesses

mikeseddonUsing a Lead Magnet: a Free Report or Checklist or Template or Video to attract potential clients and then following up with email marketing is a proven strategy that quite simply works.

Its obvious use is for “education” businesses. People who sell consulting, coaching, training or other services where your potential clients want to know how to do what you’re an expert in.

So your lead magnet and emails to them can share tips and strategies in that area that help them, educate them and demonstrate your credibility.

However with other services businesses it’s trickier to get a Lead Magnet right.

The clients of a lawyer don’t want tips on how to practice law. Clients of accountants don’t want to learn how to do double-entry bookkeeping. They want to hire someone to do that for them.

So your lead magnet and follow up emails have to be somewhat different.

In this podcast interview Adwords expert Mike Seddon shares the strategy he uses for his lead magnet and follow-up emails to bring him a steady stream of potential clients for his “done for you” adwords management service.

It’s a strategy that anyone who does a service like this where your clients want to know you’re an expert, but don’t want to become one themselves.

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