Cold Emailing to Generate Leads and Win Clients

peter3Have you ever had one of those awful emails out of the blue, usually from a company offering SEO or website services, where they just pitch at you and don’t seem to have paid the slightest attention to your website or business?

That’s bad cold emailing at work. No better than spamming.

On the other hand have you had a very targeted, charming email from someone you don’t know where the writer has done their homework and opens up a useful conversation with you that leads to something mutually beneficial?

That’s good cold emailing.

I’ve had much more of the former than the latter. But when cold emailing is done well it can greatly benefit both sender and receiver.

In fact, when you’re trying to get work with larger organisations where executives don’t go out to events and you don’t have any connections to get referrals from, a highly-targeted, well-researched short email can be your best way of making an initial connection.

In this interview I speak to the UK’s leading expert on cold emailing done right, Peter O’Donoghue and find out from him how to make cold emailing work.

It’s my biggest interview to date – 100 minutes in total so you might want to listen in a few chunks – and Peter doesn’t hold back. He reveals how to find the right people to email, the different types of email to send in different circumstances, and how to write your emails to maximise your chance of getting a response.

He also reveals why a lot of the tips on cold emailing you’ll see on the web only work in very specific circumstances – and how to find the right approach for your situation.

Peter’s also laid out the details of his cold email system in a detailed report along with a set of email templates you can use. You can grab them here:

>> Peter O’Donoghue’s Cold Email System and Templates <<

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How To Use Website Analytics To Get More Sales And Grow Your Business

David DarmaninWhen it comes to websites and online marketing, analytics is probably the last great unexplored frontier.

Most people have a fair idea about their website and they know they should be using email marketing and doing stuff on social media. But when it comes to analytics, few people get much further than glancing at basic Google Analytics data every now and then.

The truth is though that there’s a wealth of information available about what your website visitors and potential clients are doing on your site. And if you use it right, you can get tremendous insights from that information and use it to improve your site and your offers and get a whole load more clients and sales.

On this podcast I talk to Dr David Darmanin, the CEO and Founder of – a new startup that’s created a combined analytics tool now in beta test.

David shares details of how to use tools like heatmaps, visitor playback, funnel analysis, surveys and feedback polls to get insight on your web visitors to drive improvements in your conversions and sales.

And he lays out a simple process for systematically improving your site (rather than the haphazard “copy what some other people are doing” strategy that most people use).

To get free access to the beta test of so you can start using these types of analytics and getting better results from your website, click here:

Get Free Access to the HotJar beta »

Everyone who signs up will get access to the beta test. And if you introduce 5 or more people to you’ll get free access to the tool for 6 months afterwards. It also express me up the priority queue for the beta test too!


The REAL Secrets of Networking

networking-imageThere’s lots of great training available about the skills of networking.

Crafting a compelling “elevator pitch”, learning how to break in to groups, hold conversations, ask for referrals.

All good stuff. But in a way, all very tactical. Personally I’ve found there are much more powerful principles that make a huge difference to your success at winning clients. Principles that most networkers tend to ignore.

Get these principles right and even if you’re a networking newbie you’ll do well. Get them wrong and no amount of skill will save you.

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How to Partner with Procurement to Win More Clients

steveashcroftIf you’re selling your services to corporates or even mid-sized companies, chances are you’ll bump into procurement.

You may need to submit proposals, take part in formal tender processes, get onto the approved supplier list, or just have them OK your letter of engagement.

And you’ve probably discovered that sometimes working with client’s procurement teams isn’t easy.

Sometimes it feels like their only goal is to drive down your price. Or keep small suppliers like you out of the equation.

In this podcast I interview Stephen Ashcroft of Steve’s worked with procurement teams in 33 of the UK’s largest private companies and some of the biggest public sector organisations to help them improve the way they buy. And he’s increasingly working with professional service firms to help them improve their relationships with clients’ procurement teams.

In the interview Steve shares what procurement are really focused on, how small firms can differentiate themselves against larger competitors, and the best ways of working with procurement to make sure you “stay in the game”.

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How I Grew My Email Sign Up Rate By 91% With One Simple Technique

growtharrowI’m going to assume that if you’re reading this, you already know two things:

  1. Building an email list is the most powerful, most certain method of getting clients and growing your business online (hey, I have to say that, I wrote the #1 book on email marketing on Amazon after all ;) 
  2. Building an email list isn’t easy. The vast majority of visitors to your website will leave without signing up.

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The right and wrong way to use controversy in subject lines

DangerA couple of years ago a load of emails dropped in my inbox proclaiming “Social Media Doesn’t Work”.

It was one of those big product launches. You know the ones where a bunch of gurus cross-promote each other’s products in turn to create the sense that everyone is talking about the product and that this is the one you must buy (until the next one comes along).

This one was being promoted with the line that “social media doesn’t work” and a link to a video that would explain why.

So, of course, I clicked. Who could resist a controversial subject line and topic like that?

What was the great revelation about social media not working?

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3 Simple Mistakes Which Stop People Reading Your Emails

Back to Inbox

A lot of focus gets put in Email Marketing on subject lines.

After all, if no one opens your email, no one is going to take action or buy.

But after opening it, if they then don’t read it or they scan it and just close it without properly reading; it’s the same end result. No action and no sales.

And frankly, making your emails readable is something even marketing experts screw up regularly as we’ll see in a few moments.

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Why Great Proposals Don’t Win You More Clients

Pile-of-papersLove them or hate them, for many businesses competitive bids are unavoidable.

You know the ones. You have to send in a proposal, present your plan to a gathering of the great and good. Answer a bunch of tricky questions.

Here’s my experience:

You don’t win by doing great proposals. You don’t even win by doing great presentations.

You can lose by having a rubbish proposal and a rubbish presentation of course. But it’s unlikely that a brilliant proposal and presentation will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

You win in these competitive situations by going in ahead.

Having the odds stacked in your favour before the process starts.

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A Super Fast Tip for Coming Up With Ideas for Blogging and Email Marketing

One of the questions I get asked the most often about blogging and email marketing is how to come up with lots of ideas for content.

You’ve probably seen my blog posts on 21 Sources of Inspiration, Doing Interesting Stuff, and Overcoming the Content Roadblock. If not, check them out.

In addition to those sources of ideas, here’s something really quick you can do that will make a big difference to the number and quality of ideas you come up with.


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Why Packaging is Vital for Service Businesses Too

When most people look at online businesses they focus on the marketing: how you can be found online and get potential clients to buy from you.

An often overlooked, but vital, complement to this though is how you package and deliver your services so that you can reach a more distant client base.

I explain all in this episode of More Clients TV.


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